Digimon D-TECTOR Review

Digimon D-TECTOR Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Join the Digi-Destined stars of the Digimon anime TV show by battling Digital Monsters with the Digimon Season Four D-TECTOR! Collect the cards, play the game and read the review here!

If pets are out of the question at your house, take my Digi-advice and Digi-Modify your life with the coolest Digi-device for Digimon Season Four. The Digimon D-TECTOR combines a hand held LCD game with the Digimon Season Four cards. The Digimon D-TECTOR comes in three, ultra sway, Digi-Colors with Digi-Digit Codes that can be found on the new D-Tector game cards. Connect your D-vice to a friend's Digimon D-TECTOR and trade Digimon or battle Evil Kerpymon, the King of Darkness.

I thought Michael Jackson was the... oh no, he's the King of Pop, but hey, whatever works for ya.

And get this, while you are off on your Digi-adventures, you can also get messages from your TV. (My Uncle Stanislov used to get messages from his TV, but I don't think they had anything to do with Digimon.)

Strap your Digimon D-TECTOR to your belt and catch all the groovy Digi-vents. You might run across some of your Digi-Destined pals, do battle with an evil Digimon or find one of the four different Digi-items.

I always wanted to be one of the Digi-Destined, and with the Digimon D-TECTOR, I'm one step closer to the digital world. (Which reminds me, I haven't called Uncle Stanislov in a while...)

Rating: 4

If you need a game cheat code, hint, tip or walkthrough in your Digi-ventures. Check out Cheat Street!

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How Many Digimon Are There?

  • I've collected over 100 digital monsters.
  • There are over 32 Digimon.
  • There are a gazillion of them!
  • Up to 64 with the D-Tector cards!

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