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Muppets Most Wanted Movie Review

Muppets Most Wanted Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 21, 2014
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Kidzworld reviews the crazy heist of the Muppets on a European tour in Muppets Most Wanted. Will Kermit propose to Miss Piggy or end up in prison?

By: Lynn Barker

After the last The Muppets film, the fuzzy gang is back together and ready to perform. When they are offered a European tour, they are anxious to prove themselves. How would poor Kermit The Frog know that it’s all a plot cooked up by his uncanny look-alike, master criminal Constantine?

The Muppets talk over an offer to do a European tour!The Muppets talk over an offer to do a European tour!Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The Tour

When The Muppets are trying to decide how to continue their winning streak as performers, they meet Dominic Badguy (pronounced Badgee and played by comic Ricky Gervais) who offers to be their manager on an extensive European tour hitting Berlin, Madrid, Dublin and London. They’re in!

Kermit and Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais) discuss the tourKermit and Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais) discuss the tourCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The Evil Constantine

Little do The Muppets know that Dominic is #2 to “the world’s most dangerous frog” Constantine who just broke out of a Siberian prison. Constantine, who is identical to “Kermie”, sneaks up and sticks a black mole on Kermit’s face. Now he looks just like Constantine and is arrested and taken back to the Russian prison, screaming his innocence all the way!

The evil Constantine (note the mole on cheek)The evil Constantine (note the mole on cheek)Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The Shows and The Heists

Covering up his mole with green paint, Constantine, still with his Russian accent, takes Kermit’s place. Some of the Muppets think he is a bit “off” but never guess the truth even though Constantine is just lousy at show biz. Poor Salma Hayek and Tom HIddelston (of Thor) as “The Great Escapo” are part of the show and know something is just not right. The Muppets, doing a stage version of their old TV show, become “cover” for Badguy and Constantine’s museum and bank thefts all on the way to their ultimate plan to heist the British Crown Jewels! 

Miss Piggy sings in the showMiss Piggy sings in the showCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The Law

Law enforcement eventually realizes the tour is somehow related to museum and bank thefts and French Interpol's Jean Pierre Napoleon (Ty Burrell) and the CIA's Sam the Eagle (Muppet) are on the fuzzy ones’ trail across Europe. Meanwhile, in prison in Siberia as Constantine, Kermit thinks his pals have just forgotten him. Prison head guard Nadya (Tina Fey) kind of crushes on him and asks Kermit to direct the annual prison stage revue which includes some famous prisoners singing and dancing.

Nadya (Tina Fey) sings The Big House songNadya (Tina Fey) sings The Big House songCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The Courtship

With a few Muppets like Walter (from the last movie) and Fozzie Bear realizing that someone is impersonating Kermit, Constantine relies on his charm to propose to Miss Piggy. A wedding will keep her busy.. and her friends quiet. But, though flattered and happy to finally land her man, Piggy starts to question. Why would Kermie suddenly pop the question?

Fozzie Bear finally realizes Kermit and Constantine look the sameFozzie Bear finally realizes Kermit and Constantine look the sameCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The Show Down

Once Kermit manages to escape prison and learn the truth, it’s a rush to London to stop the wedding and the biggest theft ever.. at the tower of London!

Walter, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear at the weddingWalter, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear at the weddingCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Wrapping Up

Muppets Most Wanted is really cute, fast and funny for the most part. The Muppets sing a fun “We’re Doin’ a Sequel” song to launch the film, including lyrics stating that the sequel is never as good as the original; well, yes and no in this case. This Muppets film has a more complex story and might have a bit too much going on in the time allotted.

Muppets sing We're Doin' a SequelMuppets sing We're Doin' a SequelCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios

There are some fun tributes to classic old movies (like Silence of the Lambs with Kermit wearing a scary Dr. Lecter mask like Anthony Hopkins). The film is supposed to be a tribute to the jewel thief caper movies of the 1960’s and more recent, similar heist films but why re-use so many of the now far from fresh jokes? (Who hasn’t seen many send-ups of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible dressed in black dangling over some treasure while trying not to cross any laser beams and set off an alarm?) and the movie gets too repetitive as the Muppets hit town and are conveniently performing on a stage right next to a bank or museum that Constantine and Badguy are robbing. .. over and over.

Inspector Napoleon (Ty Burrell) and Sam Eagle are on the case!Inspector Napoleon (Ty Burrell) and Sam Eagle are on the case!Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

However, there are those golden moments! You and your parents will die laughing when you see A Chorus Line's "I Hope I Get It" performed by tough prisoners including “pretty” always bad guy Ray Liotta and “Machete” Danny Trejo. Ricky Gervais and Constantine have a very funny “I’m Number 1, You’re number 2” song in which Constantine dances.. on Ricky’s head!  Miss Piggy also sings her heart out in a song in which she wonders why marrying Kermie just doesn’t feel right.

Let’s talk cameo appearances in addition to the ones already mentioned.  All the Muppet movies have them and this one is loaded with stars old and new like Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Stanley Tucci, Chloë Grace Moretz, Saoirse Ronan, Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, Usher, Celine Dion, Christoph Waltz..dancing the waltz and many more.

Nadya (Tina Fey) the Russian prison guardNadya (Tina Fey) the Russian prison guard

Also, you will love the really fun Pixar short Party Central that runs before the movie. It’s written and directed by Kelsey Mann who explained to press that Pixar had been looking for just the right film to be its companion.  Monsters University freshmen Sulley and Mike (voices of John Goodman and Billy Crystal) decide to help their frat Oozma Kappa throw a massive pledge rush party by using the scare doors to pass in and out.. making everything party central. There is pizza involved and, yes, they get in trouble. Delightful!

Even though Muppets Most Wanted can seem a bit long and dated in places, there is enough magic and fun there to rate 4 stars. 

Muppets Most Wanted Movie Rating: 4

Muppets Most Wanted PosterMuppets Most Wanted PosterCourtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Muppets Most Wanted is in theaters now!





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