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Best Girls’ Group Halloween Costumes 2014

Oct 16, 2014

When it comes to group costumes, it’s 90% inspiration and only 10% work to assemble! Clever, comfortable, easy… what can be better? Whether you’re all PLL or Gossip Girl fans, can’t get enough sweet stuff, or want to put the edge on an old classic, get inspired by the ideas below! 

Going solo? Check out some great costume ideas for girls.

Social Media

If  you’re hooked on social sharing and need an easy, last-minute costume you can put together with t-shirts and paint pens, get your tech on and create a hashtag-worthy costume for you and your three besties… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube... got more friends? Add a KidzWorld Logo and other favorite site logos!

Get social and start sharing!Get social and start sharing!Courtesy of SheKnows.com

Candy Crew

Got a craving for candy? Create a tasty rainbow of color as M&M’s, skittles, or Hershey’s favorites. All it takes is candies for reference, shirts in different colors and paint pens to pull off this delicious group costume.

A sweet group costume that's as easy as it is deliciousA sweet group costume that's as easy as it is deliciousCourtesy of PopSugar


You can add a hipster vibe to any group costume and you’ll totally own it! Pick a group, add a thrift store vibe with attitude... For example, a Hipster Alice in Wonderland crew could feature a Mad Hatter in a tiny hat fascinator, Alice in big glasses, the White Rabbit with a thrift store vest and pocket watch, and of course everyone would be wearing their best ripped jeans and “whatever” attitude. The Hipster Disney Princesses in the photo got their look down and completed it with clever speech bubbles. Nailed it!

Are you so over Disney Princesses? Show your disdain with a hipster vibeAre you so over Disney Princesses? Show your disdain with a hipster vibeCourtesy of MyModernMet.com


Gossip Girl, PLL, The Hunger Games, superheros, cartoon characters, girl-power movie… take your group obsession and turn it into a group costume. This Pretty Little Liars group costume takes nothing more than little black dresses, heels, and one girl wearing a scarlet A to tie it all together.

PLL fans rejoice... All you need is a LBD and a scarlet APLL fans rejoice... All you need is a LBD and a scarlet ACourtesy of Coolest Homemade Costumes

Have Your Say

Got a group costume idea that blows all the others away? Share your ideas here!



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