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Ask Izzy Anything

Here at Kidzworld we are always on the hunt to bring you inspiring stories for kids & teens about kids & teens that are in their own way making a difference in the world. 

By Deanna Beaudoin

We call them simply, Super Kids. 

Izzy on locationIzzy on locationCourtesy of The Daily Item

Kidzworld is pleased to formally introduce, Izzy.

Isabel, AKA Izzy, is ten years old and a fourth grader where she is a straight A student. She excels in spelling, reading, math, and her favorite subject is writing

Izzy is a published writer whose work has appeared in the New York Daily News, the fifth largest paper in the country! Last year Izzy moved from her home in Brooklyn, New York, to Pennsylvania. She is also has experience as a playwright, having written shows that were performed live in Brooklyn. Her passions include writing poetry, playing guitar, singing, all things Taylor Swift, and helping her friends solve the problems of the world. 

We had a few minutes today to chat about life in Pennsylvania, being homeschooled and what it's like to be a 11 year old Advice columnist.

Izzy, on behalf of Kidzworld we wanted to acknowledge that you have aimed to make this world a little bit better than you found it & with your YouTube Channel & now your forums here on Kidzworld we think you are doing just that. 

Kidzworld's Interview with eleven year old, Izzy

Kidzworld: What's your favorite part about being Homeschooled Izzy? 

  • I really like it because when I have my advice column its its alt easier because,  if I went to school we'd have to schedule things on the weekend or afterschool and it would be a lot harder and a lot more work. 

Kidzworld: What made you decide to start a YouTube Channel? 

  • It was all kind of, so I had my advice column with the "daily item" a news paper out of -  and the video's would go up on there website so then we decided to start posting them as well on YouTube. 

Kidzworld: Where do you come up with your advice? 

  • I try to come out of it with my own experiences because it's about kids and it's a lot harder for adults to answer these questions because they pull from their experiences when they were kids and kids now are so much different. I also imagine when I am answering these questions that I am talking to best friend. When I look into the camera I am talking to my best friend. 

Kidzworld: How long does it take to prepare for each segment that you put on YouTube? 

  • It doesn't take that long, this is basically what I the process is. I just like to wear hats and I get my phone out and a little tri-pod and a wireless microphone and I put that out and then I sit in my room and record them. Then when I am done I edit them and then we have to upload them. They used to send someone from the Daily Item video record them for me but I wanted to learn the process so recently I have been recording them myself. 

At Kidzworld there are over 2 million other kids, around your age approximately. One of your tag lines that you always say in your video's "It's for a kid, by a kid". We're curious are you going to be DISH-ING some of your advice on our website? Have you started a blog, or are you contributing to any forums? We would like to chat with you in real time about the video's, the questions and your advice. 

  • We definitely have been putting up links to my video's. Meanwhile when I am messaging the other kids, if they have any problems I will answer them through the messages. I will answer them that way or I will answer them on my column I can do it that way or they can send it to me on my email. 

Kidzworld: Do you ever go in to the Dish-It forums? There are so many questions and it's very similar to the questions you get mailed to you each week :) Kids are in there, for kids and peer support. We have Dish-It that formally answer questions but also our Mod's and other caring individuals. 

  • I like that, I think I'll be doing that too. 

Kidzworld: We'd love to have you, that would be fabulous! 

  • Thank you :) 

Kidzworld: Izzy, tell me about your passion. You are obviously a positive individual - How do you do you stay inspired, what inspires you? 

  • When I live in New York, my Dad was a reporter for a paper and I would always see these columns in the paper for adults. I would rarely if ever see and for kids and when I did they were all written by adults and tbh no matter how cool adults think they are they just cant relate to a kid as well as another kid could. So when I moved to Pennsylvania I started my advice column I got in touch with an editor from the daily item and gave him my idea and everyone loved it. A couple of weeks later started filming them. I love to help. 

Kidzworld: What is it that moves you Izzy, what makes you want to get out of bed each day and take on the world? 

  • I have always loved giving advice and I just always want to help people. That's what inspires me. 

Kidzworld: You give advice to lots of kids every week, if you could go back to your younger self - what advice would you give ? 

  • I would say to Always Be Yourself, try not to care what anyone else thinks of you and in the worst situations try and be the best version of  yourself you can be. 

Kidzworld: What would you say, you love the VERY MOST about yourself?

  • Ummm.. this is hard. I just love helping people and I love how weird I am. Giggles. 

Kidzworld: Where do you get your questions from? Can people e-mail you, send you letters or how does one go about "Asking Izzy Anything?"

  • During the summer months I like to grab my hat and head to the park. I pick people at random and tell them about my project and then ask if they have any questions. When it get's colder the questions usually come from either Facebook, e-mail or Twitter

Kidzworld: Do you feel that there is one common question that seems to be asked over and over by different kids? 

  • Yes, actually there does seem to be a question that comes up many times. Kids often comment to be that kids today don't have as much freedom as they did years ago. Kids often think that their parents don't trust them as much as they would like to be trusted & how can they deal with that. 

Kidzworld: Have you ever experienced On-Line bullying, or do you have an advise for some one that is dealing with this issue currently?

  • I would say: Just ignore it, these people are not your friends. Try not to listen to what they say, hopefully you can find the things you really like to do and do them. Try not to care about those people, try and be yourself and stay positive. 

Kidzworld: What is the greatest challenge for you doing this column? 

  • Sometimes I worry about giving the wrong advice or give advice that the person I am trying to help wont like. I just try to give the best advice possible so I hope that doesn't happen. 

Kidzworld: What is the biggest reward to doing this column. 

  • I just really like knowing I am helping people. 

Last thoughts from Izzy: "Always be yourself, and don't care about what any one else thinks of you. Always be yourself."

Thank you so much Izzy for chatting with us today at Kidzworld, we look forward to hearing more from you and your column in the future as well as seeing you interacting & having fun on our site. 

For more Ask Izzy Anything check out her Advice Video's on Kidzworld. 


Have your say! 

Can you Dish-It Like Izzy? What's the best advice you have ever given to a friend? 



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Dear Dish-It In The Forums

My parents have always been aggressive and abusive and I only just noticed it a couple months ago. Over time they've gotten worse (specifically my mother). Whenever she gets mad she'll yell at us and if she gets mad enough she'll hit and push us around. Whoever we get into arguments it's always one- sided and she always wins, even if she knows she is wrong. An argument we had not to long ago was about me not taking care of myself. She looked at my hair and started to touch it and told me "Your hair isn't soft why is it so dry, it's probably because you aren't taking care of your hair." Then she goes on to tell me that she's going to cut it and all of this other stuff when she knows I'm conscious about me looking like a boy ( Used to get called a boy for having short hair). As the argument goes on, I start to tell her things that she knows she is wrong about. She proceeds to yell at me then grabs me by the face and say "If you don't lower your tone and listen to what I'm saying I'm going to knock you in the head." Then she goes on to tell me she remembers nothing I was saying and that it's a lie. She also hit me when I didn't clean the laundry room correctly and whenever she gets fed up. I'm constantly having to watch what I say and do, because I'm scared that I'm going to end up hurt. She also likes to degrade me and tell how bad I'm doing. She's said plenty of thing like when I didn't have my bed covers tucked in she yelled at me and hit me and I said "Do you expect me to just stand here and take this", and she replied saying "That's what you are supposed to do you are the child and I am the adult, you take whatever I do until I'm done." Another time is when I had my band concert and I had to pick out the right attire. When we went shopping to get the clothing I chose slacks when she liked a skirt better, we went on to fight in the store and she bought the slacks. When we got home she said to me that real girls wear skirts and dresses and boys wear slacks and pants. This hurt me because she knows I have a past with people telling me I look like a boy etc. Another time I started to sleep on the floor, because I was practicing a minimalist life. When I left my pillows on the floor she found it and questioned me on why they were there. I told her it fell of my bed when really I left it there. Later when I told my dad, he told her and she got mad because I was getting cat hair on my pillows. She then proceeded to ask why I lied and I told her sometimes lying is better then the truth (I knew she would get mad that I was sleeping on the floor so I lied) then she told me that I was never going to have a relationship, a job, or friends ( This hurt me because I don't have friends now). She's also said that I don't take care of my body because I ate two sweets in one day which lead her to banning me from Doritos and now I have to ask to get chips and any other snack. She's told me I don't take care of my teeth because I have yellow spots from using whitening toothpaste with braces on. She's told me I don't take care of my hair so I can't wash it or do any hair style or then a bun. She had lead me to starving myself (Unless she makes me eat) and cutting myself. I've just stopped caring, because what ever I do is always wrong. I never get a choice in my activities, she controls my life in fact she me just in a different body. But what is even worse is that she's turning my dad into her. Now I have a scheduled time to eat breakfast and lunch, and to go onto my electronics. I feel like I'm in a prison with my parents constantly watching over me, in fact yesterday when I was pouring my milk my mom got out a measuring cup and poured my milk into the measuring cup and said "Why isn't this a full cup" and I replied saying "Because I don't measure my milk." Then she got angry at me. There's so much I could say about her, but I'll stop. Anyways my father is always sarcastic and he doesn't realize how much it hurts me. Today I was cleaning out my bag for next school year and my dad came in and said, "Wow, you aren't even dress yet and I had to come up here to tell you how sad." Just little things like that hurt me. My little sister got mad at me last week for sitting in a certain area and she said " Why are you sitting there," and I didn't reply because I didn't want to speak to her and she then said, "Probably because you are too stupid to answer." I wanted to break down crying then and there, but I kept it in. I've limited my talking to her, because all she does is break me down. Like when there was a Proactive commercial and she said, "Ha, you need that." That hurt me because just the other my mom was telling me how I don't take care of my face and that's why I have acne. My older sister and I barely talk, because whenever I try to talk to her she's mad for what ever reason and when my parents were talking about hitting my sister she was in the corner laughing. My cat Preston is very young and I got hi,abo a year ago. I get very sad and often cry, because I've seen him turn out scared and aggressive just like me because he's been through what I have. One time he pooped in a clothes basket (It's right next to his litter box) my mom grabbed him by the neck and hit him while she smothered his face in his poop, all while yelling at him. I was going to call the Animal Protective Services, but I got too scared and I realized how lonely I would be. Please help me I'm not sure what to do anymore. Also sorry for the very long post!
reply 2 days
Error101 posted in Family Issues:
Dear Kkmr324, I hope you get to feeling better as time goes on.  It does get better but like you said you can't actually get over it.  Losing someone to cancer is awful and I have never lost a friend and I hope I never will and I am so sorry that you did, but I have lost family to cancer and it is horrible.  I hope your okay. :(
reply 4 days
Kkrmr324 posted in Family Issues:
A few months ago,my friend Kendall died of cancer. It was really hard to "get over it"; because really you dont just get over it. One thing i did was find a bunch of pictures of me and Kendall and remembered all the fun we had together. And it helped! I still miss her, but good friends and family helped with that.
reply 6 days
Kkrmr324 posted in Family Issues:
A few months ago,my friend Kendall died of cancer. It was really hard to "get over it"; because really you dont just get over it. One thing i did was find a bunch of pictures of me and Kendall and remembered all the fun we had together. And it helped! I still miss her, but good friends and family helped with that.
reply 6 days
why are you allowing that to control your happiness? why can't you have true happiness instead of chasing some dream for momentary satisfaction? You're 12. This is when your core beliefs, values, and outlooks on life start. Don't mess it up choosing to be sad over something like that.
reply 7 days