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Justin Bieber: Purpose Album Review

Justin Bieber: Purpose Album Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 15, 2015
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Purpose is the fourth studio album from Justin Bieber, find out more in the Kidzworld Review!


Justin Bieber was in serious need of being saved from himself the last couple of years, and pulling his reputation out of the mud looked as impossible as pulling a rabbit out of a hat - but when it comes to JB, we should all know by now that nothing is impossible. Justin has made all the right moves Purpose - he's teamed up with great producers, turned the spotlight away from himself, and each track is inventive. The question remains though, even as one of his best records yet, is it too late to say sorry?

Purpose is available now!Purpose is available now!

If there's an overall tone for this album lyrically, it would have to be "apologetic." With songs like "Sorry," "No Pressure,"and "I'll Show You" he lets us know over and over again sorry he is with lyrics like" "Don't forget I'm Human", and "I've made a few mistakes." Weirdly, even though Justin is very sorry throughout the whole record (and you can pick any number of things he might sorry for with a couple of years of bad decisions under his belt), it's not a sad album. In fact it's a great dance record, that really works. Almost every track is catchy and interesting, with the first released singles being undeniable earworms. A lot of the lyrics seem as if Justin's struggles growing up are still a party.

Sorry is one of the singles from PurposeSorry is one of the singles from Purpose

With the help of DJs like Skrillex, Diplo and Jack U and edgy guest vocalists like Halsey, Purpose is the perfect blend of emotionally complex lyrics and interesting sounds (who knew pan flute and trumpet would make a comeback in this century!)

We can't speak about his personal life, but when it comes to pop music, it's not too late to say sorry Justin.

Purpose Album Score: 4


Watch Justin Bieber's acoustic "What Do You Mean"?


Track List

  1. Mark My Words
  2. I'll Show You
  3. What Do You Mean?
  4. Sorry
  5. Love Yourself
  6. Company
  7. No Pressure (feat. Big Sean)
  8. No Sense (feat Travi$ Scott)
  9. The Feeling (feat. Halsey)
  10. Life is Worth Living
  11. Where Are U Now
  12. Children
  13. Purpose
  14. Been You
  15. Get Used to Me
  16. We Are (feat. Nas)
  17. Trust
  18. All In It
  19. What Do You Mean (Remix)
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