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Is Soda Bad for Your Health?

Jan 22, 2016

Most of us enjoy a can of Coca Cola or Ginger Ale from time to time. After all, what's not to like about soda? It's refreshing and delicious! There's a lot of information going around about whether or not soda can be part of a healthy diet, and Kidzworld is going to get to the bottom of it. 

Looks good, doesn't it? Looks good, doesn't it? Courtesy of scarsam.com

Is Soda Healthy? 

  • No one is more sorry to say this than me, but soda is not part of a healthy, balanced diet. 
  • Most sodas are packed with sugar. In fact, a can of soda can be hiding up to 10 teaspoons of sugar! The sugar does make soft drinks delicious, but definitely not nutritious. 
  • Too much sugar in a person's diet can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and dental problems. 
  • One of the biggest issues surrounding sugary soda is that over-consumption can lead to weight gain and even obesity. 

Too much sugar can be dangerous to your health!Too much sugar can be dangerous to your health!Courtesy of epiceveryrep.com

What About Diet Soda?

  • I know what you're thinking - there are diet options available for almost every kind of pop, which means that you don't have to drink all that sugar in order to enjoy a can of soda. 
  • Many studies have been done on whether or not aspartame, the sugar substitute in diet soda, is bad for you or not. To date, there are still conflicting opinions on this issue. 
  • The European Food Safety Authority recently concluded that aspartame is safe for most people, even in fairly large amounts (for example, if you drink more than one can of soda a day). 
  • Aspartame still might not be good for you, though. Studies have shown that people who drink diet sodas may actually gain more weight than those who drink regular soda, perhaps because, strangely enough, drinks loaded with fake sugar may actually make you want to eat more.  

Watch out! Sugar-free sodas could have you reaching for that bag of chips to satisfy your cravings. Watch out! Sugar-free sodas could have you reaching for that bag of chips to satisfy your cravings. Courtesy of aol.com

Alternative Drinks

  • Maybe you've decided it's time to cut down on your soda consumption, but what should you drink instead? 
  • Water is absolutely the healthiest thing that you can drink. Your body needs water to stay hydrated and function properly, and water contains no calories or fat. 
  • Drinking fruit juice occasionally is not a bad thing, but you should be careful what juice and how much juice you're drinking. Fruit juices can contain almost as much sugar as pop!

There really is no healthier drink than plain old water. There really is no healthier drink than plain old water. Courtesy of news.discovery.com

As with most things to do with your health, moderation is really at the base of any healthy diet. You can totally drink soda, even the sugary kind, just make sure you're not drinking too much! 

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Haha, thank you. I don't want to date, it's just that these stupid crushes :/
reply about 4 hours
I can relate very much.  :e  It happens a lot. But here's one thing, try not to date. At my middle school, everyone literally dates everybody and relationships never last. Part of the reason is that most of us aren't in that mature phase yet (mostly boys). As the days go by, we're growing. But, it's completely normal to have a crush on a boy. :) :thumbsup
reply about 4 hours
Sorry for the late reply, but I'd love to help. If they don't want to talk to you, or don't like your jokes, don't talk to them. They probably don't like you, so you shouldn't try to make it better. You should hang out with your other friends. They'll make you feel better about yourself. If you don't have any friends in your class...that's the problem.  That's exactly what happened to me last year. But I started hanging out with the guys more, and they were really nice and had a lot in common with me. Maybe the guys will be nice to you and accept you. I hope I helped you. :)   
reply about 11 hours
Aw, that's sad. I know this is a late review, but I would love to help you make new friends. There are kids that do nasty things at every single school, trust me, you'll never find a perfect school, and if people are reporting this form of bullying, teachers are probably supervising children more, so don't worry about that. :) Now making new friends, ahh, that's very difficult. I can be shy myself, but it honestly depends. What I usually do is observe different groups of people, and see how they interact with each other. If the person seems nice, wait until the time is appropriate and greet them. A friendly "Hi, I'm new, could you maybe show me around, or help me with this, or tell me about this school?" That will start off a conversation. :)  As well, I tend to make jokes, or go to my funny side. I usually make way more friends that way. You could try to make slight jokes, and gradually make them less implied and more clear as you joke around.  If there are any other new kids, or shy kids, definitely talk to them. If there are any kids that look lonely, or sad, maybe take some time to approach them. If they look like the want to be left alone, leave them alone. If you're not sure, it's best if you see someone else interact with them first.  If you're bisexual, that doesn't really matter, and don't bring that fact up in a conversation. That's kind of personal, and when you get a little closer, you can say that. It's not really important, and necessary for people to know that. And it's personal too. So don't bring that up unless you really want to.  I hope i helped you! Sorry for the late advice. >_< 
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