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Minecraft Vehicle Tutorials

March 06, 2016

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Have you ever wanted to build a vehicle in Minecraft but simply don't know where to start? Kidzworld has found the perfect tutorial series for you.

Zack & Riley of RocketZero are two master builders in the world of Minecraft and they're here to teach you how to build boatspolice cars, trucks, tanks and more!

Adding vehicles to your environments will make your Minecraft world appear more lived in than ever before, plus they just look really cool. Watch all 6 episodes of this excellent video series below

Minecraft Tutorials: How To Build Vehicles


If you enjoyed that tutorial series but would like to learn the basics of survival mode. Check out our Minecraft: Survive & Thrive tutorial series which will teach you how to survive your first night by finding a great spot for your starter home as well as creating those much needed tools like axes and shovels.

Learn how to make cute vehicles in Minecraft in our latest tutorial video series!Learn how to make cute vehicles in Minecraft in our latest tutorial video series!Courtesy of RocketZer0

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