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Rihanna's Sledgehammer Inspired by Star Trek Beyond!

Jul 03, 2016

RiRi has tapped into her inner trekkie for her latest single and music video, "Sledgehammer"! Don't believe us? You'll have to check out her "spacey" new video!  

"Sledgehammer was inspired by Star Trek Beyond, and it's part of the official movie soundtrack. The out of this world video features great effects, trippy lighting, and fierce abandoned planet kinda vibe.

Watch the video for "Sledgehammer" from the STB Official Motion Picture Soundtrack below!


Rihanna gets spacey in SledgehammerRihanna gets spacey in Sledgehammer

Ready to get your summer space nerd on? The new movie hits theaters July 22nd


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What do you think of "Sledgehammer?" Let us know in the comments section below!



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