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5 Tips Towards Building a Happier Life

May 04, 2017

Life is unpredictable and our feelings change all the time. For some of us, life might be enjoyable and exciting, while for others it might be an unhappy time. We know that it is hard to know how you are going to feel. Things happen out of the blue and we don’t have control over them. What we can control is ourselves. Here are five tips towards leading a better, happier life.

The Person You Need to Be True to is You.The Person You Need to Be True to is You.

1. Love Yourself 

It might seem cheesy or cliché, but loving yourself will make the world of difference. For one, when people pick on you, leave you out, or put you down, it won’t affect you as much. You will get over it quicker because you have faith in who you are. When things are down you believe that things will get better. By doing this you will also ensure that you stay away from things that are dangerous to you like drugs and alcohol. You will be more interested in taking care of yourself. You can do this by eating right, getting exercise, doing your school work and getting a good nights sleep. Loving yourself means being proud to be who you are no matter who that is. If you are different, you need to wear this with pride. Don’t let being unlike everyone get you down or hold you back from achieving what you desire. When you love yourself you are not afraid to own the things you love back. You do this by making them a part of your world and doing the things that you want to do in life. Loving yourself means you chose not to doubt yourself and this brings out a good energy, which others will be attracted to. In getting to know yourself you will discover the things you want from others and you will start to project this onto others. If it’s true, you get what you give, good things will come to you, especially if you love yourself.  

Don't Ever Be Anybody but You. Don't Ever Be Anybody but You.

2. Do What You Love

When you are doing the things that make you happy, you are happier. Do what you love and do it often. Don’t let people stand in the way of you doing what you makes you happy. Never be ashamed of the things that bring a smile to your face. Do what you love no matter what anyone thinks. You you were put here for a reason now it’s up to you to pursue it. You can try to do anything that lights your fire, but when you’ve found that special thing, you will know. As you live your life, the things you want for yourself will unfold. As you get older, and as you ask yourself what kind of influence you want to be in the world. As you ponder what your adult future might look like, you will figure out what it is that you love to do.

Do What You Love No Matter What it is. Do What You Love No Matter What it is.

3. Be Positive

Our mind is a very powerful muscle that we need to exercise properly. We can psych ourselves out of a lot of things. We have to remember that it is better to be positive. Have faith, keep it going and keep it circulating. Yes, bad things happen, but our outlook says everything about us. If we believe in bad things, we will just be waiting for bad things to come in order to validate our fears for the world. Be positive about yourself, but also about others. People can read energy, and they will be turned off by a negative energy. There is always an alternative way of looking at things, so why not pick the positive perspective? You will notice that people respond better to you when you are positive. While we acknowledge that there will be times when it is impossible to feel positive, we suggest that in your day-to-day existence, you try to be.

Being Positive and Having Faith Will Enhance Your Life. Being Positive and Having Faith Will Enhance Your Life.

4. Help Others

It’s been said that in this life, you can’t live it just for you, and it’s true. It is important to give back, even when we are struggling, we should try to do this. Be courteous, be polite, hold doors and let others go ahead of you. Show consideration for others and hopefully they will show it back. You can help in big ways by volunteering your time or you can give back in small ways like showing human kindness and promoting harmony.  

Helping Others Helps Us to Help Ourselves.Helping Others Helps Us to Help Ourselves.

5. Be Yourself

In addition to taking care of other people, it is important that you remain true to who you are. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of you being yourself. If you are different, don’t think this is a bad thing and own it. Don’t let anyone stop you from having a good time if that’s what you want. You deserve to feel free and comfortable in your own skin. If anyone questions how you live that is their problem, you do not need to explain yourself to anyone. Being you should feel natural and not put you in a bad position. When you are you, you are hanging out with the people who care about, spending time on what matters and building a bright future for yourself. Remember, you are enough just the way you are, and do not need to make apologies for who you are.

Life is ups and downs and those we can’t control, but what we can change is our disposition, how we chose to look at the word, and how we treat others. We would like to believe that if we put good things out there that we will get good things back. It is important to have faith because that’s what keeps you going through the tough times. When you believe you put yourself in a position for good things to happen, they more than likely will.

Just Be You and Make no Apologies For it. Just Be You and Make no Apologies For it.
Have Your Say 

Would you agree it’s better to be positive than negative? What tips do you have on building a happier life?



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This is going to sound completely cliche, but the best thing is to just be yourself. You'll make friends no problem. People can tell when you're being genuine or not, and they definitely appreciate you for who you are more than if you tried to be someone else. You got this, it'll be a fun and exciting experience. :)
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