Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelists Soul 'B' :: Game Cheats

Here's the second page of game cheat codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul for Gameboy Advance. If you want to unlock a card that starts with 'A', click here. For the 'B' cheat codes, this is the page you need! These secret codes will let you unlock powerful cards so you can stomp the opposition and they're all courtesy of Kidzworld member B. Skull Dragon.

Card / Code

Baby Dragon - 88819587
Backup Soldier - 36280194
Banisher of the Light - 61528025
Barox - 06840573
Barrel Dragon - 81480460
Barrel Lily - 67841515
Barrel Rock - 10476868
Basic Insect - 89091579
Battle Ox - 05053103
Battle Steer - 18246479
Battle Warrior - 55550921
Bean Soldier - 84990171
Beast Fangs - 46009906
Beastking of the Swamps - 99426834
Beautiful Headhuntress - 16899564
Beaver Warrior - 32452818
Behegon - 94022093
Bell of Destruction - 83555666
Beta The Magnet Warrior - 39256679
Bickuribox - 25655502
Big Eye - 16768387
Big Insect - 53606874
Big Shield Gardna - 65240384
Binding Chain - 08058240
Bio Plant - 07670542
Black Dragon Jungle King - 89832901
Black Illusion Ritual - 41426869
Black Pendant - 65169794
Blackland Fire Dragon - 87564352
Bladefly - 28470714
Blast Juggler - 70138455
Blast Sphere - 26302522
Block Attack - 25880422
Blue Medicine - 20871001
Blue Eyed Silver Zombie - 35282433
Blue Eyes Toon Dragon - 53183600
Blue Eyes White Dragon - 89631139
Blue Eyes White Dragon - 80906030
Blue-Winged Crown - 41396436
Boar Soldier - 21340051
Bolt Escargot - 12146024
Book of Secret Arts - 91595718
Bottom Dweller - 81386177
Bracchio-Raidus - 16507828
Breath of Light - 20101223
Bright Castle - 82878489
Burglar - 06297941
Burning Spear - 18937875
Buster Blader - 78193831

That's all the 'C' game cheat codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul for Gameboy Advance. Don't forget to check back next week for more Yu-Gi-Oh! cheat codes!

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