Polly Pocket Super Splash Island for GBA

Play mini-games on your Nintendo Gameboy Advance with the Polly Pocket Super Splash Island video game!
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Polly Pocket Super Splash Island for GBA - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Play fun mini-games with Polly Pocket and her friends on the Nintendo GBA! Gary reviews the Polly Pocket Super Splash Island video game here.

Polly Pocket and her friends have won a free vacation to Super Splash Island and, with the Polly Pocket Super Splash Island video game for the GBA, you can join them! You get to control Polly and her friends, Lila, Shani, Lea, Rick and Todd as they have fun playing mini-games!

Polly Pocket GBA Game Park Party!

The Polly Pocket Super Splash Island video game is all about scoring tons of points in mini-games and collecting park tickets, and other prizes. You can play games where you race jet boats, hop across a river, splash your friends, collect tickets, unlock stylin' outfits and, if you get enough points, ride an awesome water slide!

Polly Pocket GBA Game Fun Mini-Games

The mini-games in Polly Pocket's video game are totally easy to learn and there are some really cool ones. Tube Trouble and Water Blaster are a real blast! Plus, you can hook up with a friend and play in multiplayer mode to see who can score the most points.

Polly Pocket GBA Game Park Party Poopers

The GBA mini-games in Polly Pocket's video game may be fun, but there are only seven of 'em! It'll take you about 30 minutes to try them all out, then all you can do is try to improve your score and play different levels in the Water Slide ride. More rides would really help make Polly Pocket's vacation more fun.

Polly Pocket GBA Game Fun or Flop?

If you're lookin' for a fun game for a first-time gamer, Polly Pocket Super Splash Island is worth it because it's easy to play and fun. But, gamers who are looking for a serious challenge are going to get bored fast.

Polly Pocket Age Rating: Everyone.

Polly Pocket Thumbs Up:

  • Free Polly Pocket toy.
  • Great for casual/newbie gamers.

    Polly Pocket Thumbs Down:

  • Polly can only wear her new outfits in the change room.
  • Only seven short games to play.
  • You can only play as one of Polly's friends in a multiplayer game.

    Polly Pocket GBA Game Rating: 3

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