Xbox - Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu

Batman fights evil with Robin in Batman The Rise of Sin Tzu video game for Xbox.
The Rise of Sin Tzu
Xbox - Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

It's time to fire up the Bat mobile, and page Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing, cuz the Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu video game for your Xbox game console has just swung in!

Ok gang, it's time to put on your mask and fire up the Bat mobile because the latest Batman video game for your Xbox game console has just swung in! It's called The Rise of Sin Tzu.

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu - Bat Signals

It seems that things in Gotham City never seem to slow down for Bats and his crew (Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing). This time, a new master criminal called Sin Tzu is calling the shots, and he's decided that Batman is the only hero worthy enough to face him. So what does he do? He busts out all the criminals in Stone Gate prison in an attempt to take control of Gotham City and destroy the man in the bat suit once and for all. Oh yeah, and he's recruited some of the Dark Knight's most deadly enemies. Nice guy, huh?

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu - What Works?

This one is, hands down, the best title released in the Batman series. It looks and feels just like the episodes we see on The WB, and that's way-cool. You can play as any member of the bat crew, either solo or tag team, and each character has their own moves (Heads up: buddy moves rock). The farther into the game you go, the more points you accumulate, which you use to unlock cool stuff including more combat moves, the trophy room, alternate costume choices and more.

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu - What Doesn't Work?

Well for everything it does have going for it, Batman Rise of Sin Tzu feels way too short. Also, it's a punch-up game and if you aren't a fan, it'll get old quick.

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu - Final Word

A great video game for solo and team play, and an awesome intro for the Bat newcomer - and even better for all those die-hard Batman fans out there.

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu Age Rating: Teen.

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu Thumbs Up:

  • Good looking video game.
  • Great multiplayer options.
  • Hidden treats and surprises.
Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu Thumbs Down:
  • Way too short!
  • Punch-ups can get boring.
Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu Rating:4

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