Should We Be Fighting A War In Iraq (pg. 3)

What do you think of the war being waged in Iraq?
Map of Iraq
Should We Be Fighting A War In Iraq (pg. 3) - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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As the war against Iraq is now underway, we're asking what you think about the most recent conflict in the middle east. Should we be fighting a war? Are the United States, Britain, Spain and Portugal just in their crusade against Saddam Hussein? You decid

1 UGH! Must I do this again? Listen, confused: I know you're confused but try and comprehend this - just stop! Okay? We're at war aren't we? That proves that I'm right! Give it up!

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Nickname: faeriequeen_91
Age: 13

1 I don't think we should go to war! War really doesn't solve anything. How does killing people achieve peace? And there is no winner in a war! People on both sides die. Therefore both sides lose! And if murder is against the law, then shouldn't all the people evolved in the war be punished? Just think about it...

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Nickname: rockprincess1038
Age: 13

1 You know what? You're a stupid knucklehead Confused1998! I guess nothing penatrates that thick skull of yours. Here's what I have to say in defense of us who support the war.
#1. We took control of the oil wells for a good reason. Do you want a bunch of Americans or civilians to get killed because an oil well that was blown up on them?
#2. What would you think if you lived in Turkey? One day you're just sitting at home eating breakfast when all of a sudden a bomb hits your house and you die?
#3. You're so stupid. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were Saddam himself. It's not our fault the Iraqis are scared of Saddam. It's not our fault they're listening to his orders. He's the one telling them go out and defend your country. Stand outside of your door and pose as me so you can die too.
#4. Saddam is a stupid filthy liar. He said he destroyed the weapons we gave him. Did he? NOOOOOOOOOO. We search for them and lo and behold we find missiles.
#5. You sound like a power hungry lunatic. You're the one who should be on the Funny Farm!

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Rickishot
Age: 14

1 War is the solution to some things but nevertheless, do you actually think the United States has some sort of enigma with oil? Apparently not. Their purpose is not only for oil but the control of all Middle Eastern countries. If they wanted to preserve peace, then they would utilize oil from Alaska or purchase oil. For example, we (Canada) do not just snatch oil from another country tyrannically.

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Nickname: Smartest_gurl
Age: 11

1 For some people who don't watch the news, Bush DID give Saddam 48 hours to leave his country but Saddam is some cruel leader who should've been assassinated from the beginning of his presidential lead (sorry for that comment to Iraqi children)! But here's the real deal and how confused most of you are. WE ARE NOT GOING TO WAR, the Branches Of the Military are. My brother is out there, in the Navy, helping to fight this war but we, the civilians stay home, waiting for them to come home. I have not seen my brother for six months now and I don't know when he'll come back home. Plus, I'm not going to sit around with an ANTI-WAR T-shirt thinking I know what's going on because I don't, really. I support the troops and I support President Bush because I'm a Republican. If you don't have any support for the troops then you shouldn't say anything at all.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: miaka11
Age: 12

1 I think this war on Iraq is absolutely ridiculous. Bush is a total jerk and he should definitly be put out of office. He's an idiot. The war on Iraq has affected me because I know that my favorite band System of a Down is from Armenia and Daron's grandmother lives in Iraq. I feel so bad for these people. What did they do? I hate this country and I feel strongly about what I say and do. Obviously Bush doesn't.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: death2clowns
Age: 15

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