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Top Picks in 2004 NFL Draft

Will Eli Manning follow in Peyton's footsteps? Will Philip Rivers make San Diego a winner? Kidzworld looks at the top five picks from the 2004 NFL Draft.

Eli Manning - 1st Pick

The San Diego Chargers selected Eli Manning, from Ole Miss, with the first pick overall. The Chargers then traded the quarterback to the New York Giants, after Manning indicated he's rather work as a waterboy in the Arena Football League than play for San Diego. In his four years with Ole Miss, Eli Manning passed for nearly 10,000 yards and 79 touchdowns. Eli Manning certainly comes from the right gene pool to be a star quarterback in the NFL. His brother, Peyton Manning, the QB for the Indianapolis Colts was the NFL's co-MVP in 2003. Eli's dad, Archie, was the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints in the 1970s.

Robert Gallery - 2nd Pick

Robert Gallery was selected second overall by the Oakland Raiders and is one massive dude. At 6'7" and 323 pounds, the offensive tackle would have no problem outlasting Warren Sapp at an all you can eat buffet. Robert Gallery was picked as college football's most outstanding lineman in 2003, while starting every game for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Besides being big, Robert Gallery has great strength and is incredibly mobile for someone his size. Gallery will give the Raiders some much-needed protection for quarterback, Rich Gannon.

Larry Fitzgerald - 3rd Pick

Larry Fitzgerald was selected 3rd overall by the Arizona Cardinals. Fitzergald was named the nation's top college receiver in 2003, after piling up 1672 yards receiving and scoring 22 touchdowns for Pittsburgh. Fitzgerald was also the runner-up for the 2003 Heisman Trophy. In Arizona, Larry Fitzgerald will once again be working for Dennis Green, who is the Cardinal's new head coach. When Dennis Green was coaching the Minnnesota Vikings, Larry Fitzgerald was the team's ballboy.

Philip Rivers - 4th Pick

Philip Rivers was picked fourth overall by the New York Giants, who then quickly sent him to the San Diego Chargers as part of a deal to get Eli Manning. Philip Rivers set Atlantic Coast Conference records in 2003 by throwing for 4,491 yards and 34 touchdowns for North Carolina State. Rivers can expect to spend most of the 2004 season with a clipboard in his hand watching Drew Breese start as the Chargers' quarterback.

Sean Taylor - 5th pick
Sean Taylor was picked fifth overall by the Washington Redskins. The safety from the Miami Hurricanes has both strength and speed and can expect to be a starter on a Washington defense that has less depth than Jessica Simpson. Taylor was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year last season after recording 10 interceptions and 77 tackles.

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    • Eli Manning.
    • Robert Gallery.
    • Larry Fitzgerald.
    • Philip Rivers.

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