Angel Faith Celebrity Chat Transcript

Angel Faith dropped by Kidzworld's chat room to chat with you and answer all your burning questions. Get all the Angel 411 here, like her fave movies, her musical inspirations, and who she thinks is the meanest celeb in Hollywood!

Angel Faith Hello everyone!

geminidogluver66 Hi!

glamgirl5 OMG! Hey Angel!

Ahton Kolb What is your fave color?

Angel Faith My fave color is green.

Amanda How old are you - what is it like being famous and do you like it?

Angel Faith I am 16 years old. I don't know if I consider myself to be famous. But what I have experienced so far - I like it... the opportunities are great.

glamgirl5 What famous people have you met, Angel?

Angel Faith I've met Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, *NSYNC, Usher and Regis and Kelly.

OxHugsnKissesxO YOU MET USHER?

Angel Faith It was really cool to meet Usher. I was 10 when I met him. I was a dancer. I danced with Chris Judd (J. Lo's ex-husband). I got to meet so many people. It was great.

claudia Angel, what's your fave genre of music?

Angel Faith I love Hip Hop and R&B... I like singing Pop and R&B.

megan What is your fave song off your album?

Angel Faith My fave song from the album is A Lesson in Love. I've recently done a remix with Houston. Check it out...


Alyssa Hi Angel, I was at a camp you visited when you toured. I was wondering what your cats names were?

Angel Faith My cat's names are Missy and Flower...

Eminem Girl 04 Angel Faith, you're awesome.

alexandria Hey Angel, I think you're really pretty, but my question is, is it hard in the show biz, do you get to see your family often?

Angel Faith Yeah I get to see my Mom, Grandma and brother cuz they travel with me on the tour bus. It's great they get to come with me on tour.

destiny What is the first song you ever made?

Angel Faith The first song I ever recorded was called Know What I Want Now from No Secrets, with my old group. It was the first time I was in a recording studio. It was like learning to walk for the first time.

Tabitha Do you like Hilary Duff?

Angel Faith I think Hilary Duff is very talented and successful. She has a great image that's very pure and she's a great influence. I admire that she is there for kids to look up to. It takes a good person to be that role model.

Katrina Hello, my favorite animal is a dog - what's yours?

Angel Faith My favorite animal is... um that's a hard one... ducks are kinda neat.

coolg357 Angel Faith, who is the meanest celeb you ever met?

Angel Faith The meanest celebrity I've ever met... [kwlink]Lindsay Lohan[/kwlink].

coolg357 Why?

Angel Faith Cuz of what she's done to other people... and things she's said haven't been the nicest.

Genie3000 Angel, do you know Andre 3000 from Outkast?

Angel Faith I have not met Andre 3000. Sorry, Genie.

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