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Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Expansion Set News

The sci-fi adventure of Star Wars wraps up in the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith [kwlink]movie[/kwlink] on May 18, 2005, but you can play the epic battles at home with the Revenge of the Sith expansion for the [kwlink]Star Wars Miniatures[/kwlink] game from Wizards of the Coast on April 2, 2005! We have the scoop on this expansion for the super-cool [kwlink]strategy game[/kwlink], the starter and booster packs as well as some pictures!

Star Wars Miniatures Game Basics

The [kwlink]Star Wars Miniatures[/kwlink] game started out with the Rebel Storm set for the old-school movie fans, then dropped the Clone Strike set with figs from all the new movies. Now it's bringing the Episode III movie to life. The sets let you build teams of Star Wars movie [kwlink]characters[/kwlink] and battle with your friends. For reviews of the first two sets, check 'em out here.
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    Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Expansion Facts

    The new Revenge of the Sith expansion has 60 new figs to expand your game. There's Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous for starters, plus more of the heroes and villains from the movie. The big news though is that, because the movie is all about [kwlink]Anakin Skywalker[/kwlink]'s fall from the Light side to the Dark side of the Force, there's a Light side "Anakin" fig and a Dark side "Darth Vader" fig. The set drops on April 2, 2005 but, with any luck, we'll have more info on it before then!

    Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Starter Pack

    The Revenge of the Sith Starter Pack is all you need for you and a friend to start playing the game. It's $25 US for the pack and here's what it comes with:
  • 2 Exclusive Minis.
  • 4 Non-Randomized Minis.
  • Cards with game stats for the minis.
  • A Game Board.
  • A 20-sided Dice.
  • An Instruction Book.
  • Click Here to see the Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Starter Box! You don't get as many miniatures as in the Clone Strike or Rebel Storm starter packs so if you're new to the game, those are a better deal. You can even win them for free with Kidzworld's Top Unplugged Games of 2004 contest!
  • Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Booster Pack Images

    Here are images of the three booster packs. Click 'em for a bigger picture!
    A Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Booster Pack from Wizards of the Coast! A Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Booster Pack from Wizards of the Coast! A Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Booster Pack from Wizards of the Coast!

    Star Wars Miniatures: Revenge of the Sith Booster Pack Info
    The Revenge of the Sith Booster Packs drop at the same time as the Starter Packs and have seven figs per pack, including one rare fig, to add to your game. They're $13 US each and, even if you don't dig the Star Wars Miniatures game, they're fun toys and nearly indestructible - just keep 'em away from your dog!

    Win Free Star Wars Miniatures Games!
    For a chance to win a ton of free Star Wars Miniatures figures, check out Kidzworld's Top Unplugged Games of 2004 contest!

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    • That's R4-M9 the Jedi droid.
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