America's Next Top Model Predictions (pg. 2)

Adrianne, Yoanna, Eva and Naima have come and gone. Now, Tyra Banks returns to the tube in cycle five of America's Next Top Model, which takes 13 supermodel hopefuls through weeks of challenging competition in Los Angeles. Who will come out on top? Check out Kidzworld's predictions!

America's Next Top Model Images Courtesy of UPN
Courtesy of UPN

#7 - Bre

Age: 19
Hometown: Harlem, NY
Pros: She has a bubbly personality and it seems like she'll be receptive to most things that are thrown her way.
Cons: The judges could lean towards other girls in her cycle like Ebony, who are taller.
Who She Reminds Us Of: Just from her looks, Bre reminds of Yaya from cycle three - but we're confident she's not nearly as self-absorbed!

America's Next Top Model Images Courtesy of UPN
Courtesy of UPN

#6 - Jayla

Age: 20
Hometown: Tuscon, AZ
Pros: She says she's very versatile and likes to dress in all sorts of styles and fashions from punk to conservative - so hopefully this translates into her photo shoots.
Cons: She has plugs in her ears which might not too cool with the judges who are looking for a high-fashion model.
Who She Reminds Us Of: Jayla reminds us of the runner-up from cycle one, Elise.

America's Next Top Model Images Courtesy of UPN
Courtesy of UPN

#5 - Ebony

Age: 18
Hometown: Sylmar, CA
Pros: Ebony is one of the taller girls this cycle at 5'10" and she says she's already a supermodel - all she has to do is convince everyone else!
Cons: She's young and might get overwhelmed by the competition.
Who She Reminds Us Of: Ebony reminds us of a blend of Camille from cycle two and Kelle from cycle three.

America's Next Top Model Images Courtesy of UPN
Courtesy of UPN

#4 - Kyle

Age: 19
Hometown: Dexter, MI
Pros: She's got that All-American girl look and she's a whopping 5'10".
Cons: Her All-American looks could also work to her disadvantage if the judges don't think she's diverse enough.
Who She Reminds Us Of: Kyle reminds us a bit of Cassie from cycle three and a bit of Heather from cycle two.

America's Next Top Model Images Courtesy of UPN
Courtesy of UPN

#3 - Coryn

Age: 19
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Pros: She has a distinct look and seems to be a genuinely easy-going contestant. Should get along with the other girls well.
Cons: She kind of looks like a man and is in desperate need of getting her eyebrows shaped!
Who She Reminds Us Of: Coryn is kind of a mix between Michelle from cycle four and Xiomara from cycle three.

America's Next Top Model Images Courtesy of UPN
Courtesy of UPN

#2 - Nik

Age: 21
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Pros: She is absolutely stunning and has gorgeous full lips - definitely appears to be very photogenic.
Cons: If the judges are looking for a taller girl, they may lean toward Ebony instead.
Who She Reminds Us Of: Nik kind of reminds us of Mercedes from cycle two with her big lips.

America's Next Top Model Images Courtesy of UPN
Courtesy of UPN

#1 - Sarah

Age: 18
Hometown: Boonville, MO
Pros: Her big, pouty Angelina Jolie lips definitely rival Nik's and a blonde contestant hasn't won ANTM yet.
Cons: She's only 18 and she's not as tall as some of the other girls.
Who She Reminds Us Of: Sarah reminds of a mix between Brita from cycle four and Rebecca from cycle four.

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MizzLaShae11 wrote:

i luved dis season
commented: Fri Jul 29, 2011

I realy think that the 3 or 6th person iz gonna win nd dnt worry i ant gne tlk trashhh ...
commented: Fri Jun 11, 2010

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