Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire GBA Game Cheat: Gym Walkthroughs (pg. 2)

Hidey-ho there Pokemon Trainers, it's Pokemon Gym walkthrough time! In each Pokemon video game there are Pokemon Gyms where the strongest trainers hang out. If you can defeat all the trainers in a gym, you'll win a badge and prove your Pokemon Trainer skills. Right here we have all the [kwlink]game cheat[/kwlink] info and walkthroughs you'll need to beat all eight of the gyms in Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire for the GBA.

Petalburg City Gym and Balance Badge Walkthrough

Getting There: You have to go all the way back to the start of the game to challenge this Pokemon Gym.
The Trainers:
Cool Trainer Randall: L27 Delcatty.
Cool Trainer Mary: L27 Delcatty.
Cool Trainer Parker: L27 Linoone.
Cool Trainer Lori: L27 Linoone.
Cool Trainer George: L27 Linoone.
Cool Trainer Jody: L27 Zangoose.
Cool Trainer Berke: L27 Zangoose.
Gym Leader Norman: L28 Slaking, L30 Vigoroth, L31 Slaking.
Every Pokemon in here is a Normal Pokemon so get a Fighting Pokemon, like Machamp, and you'll kick butt.

Fortree City Gym and Feather Badge Walkthrough

Getting There: You need to get the Fly HM before you can reach this City. Then you need to head East and battle Steven. That gets you the Devon Scope which you can use to get into the Fortree City Gym.
The Trainers:
Bird Keeper Jared: L30 Doduo.
Picknicker Kylee: L30 Swablu.
Camper Terrell: L29 Taillow, L29 Swellow.
Bird Keeper Will: L28 Wingull, L28 Swellow, L28 Pelipper.
Gym Leader Winona: L31 Swellow, L32 Skarmony, L30 Pelipper, L33 Altaria.
This gym is full of Flying Pokemon, bring an Electric Pokemon or two and you'll beat them all!

Mossdeep City Gym and Mind Badge Walkthrough

Getting There: To get to Mossdeep City, you have to find and defeat Team Aqua/Magma in their hideout. Then you can get there easily.
The Trainers:
Psychic Preston: L37 Kirlia.
Psychic Maura: L36 Kadabra, L36 Kirlia.
Psychic Samantha: L37 Xatu.
Psychic Fritz: L35 Natu, L35 Girafarig, L35 Kadabra.
Psychic Virgil: L36 Ralts, L36 Kadabra.
Psychic Hannah: L36 Ralts, L36 Kirlia.
Liza and Tate: L42 Solrock, L42 Lunatone.
There are a ton of Psychic Pokemon in here. Load up on Bug and Dark Pokemon to mop 'em up!

Sootopolis City Gym and Rain Badge Walkthrough

Getting There: Before you can get into the Sootopolis Gym, you have to beat the tar out of Team Aqua/Magma in the underwater cave. Once they're toast, surf Northwest until you can go left. Go left 'til you find a big white building, then go South and you'll find Sootopolis. You still can't get into the gym until you've beaten Kyogre/Groudon though. Talk to Steven, he knows where you have to go!
The Trainers:
Beauty Olivia: L41 Lombre.
Lass Crissy: L40 Wailmer, L40 Wailmer.
Beauty Tiffany: L39 Carvanha, L39 Wailmer, L39 Sharpedo.
Pokefan Marissa: L36 Azurill, L38 Marill, L40 Azumarill.
Beauty Bridget: L41 Azumaril.
Lady Brianna: L41 Seaking.
Beauty Connie: L40 Goldeen, L40 Wailmer.
Lass Andrea: L41 Luvdisc.
Gym Leader Wallace: L40 Luvdisc, L40 Sealo, L42 Seaking, L43 Milotic, L42 Whiscash.
How do you beat a whole horde of Water Pokemon? With Electric or Grass Pokemon! Treecko works best, because Whiscash can whup an Electric Pokemon, but is weak against Grass Pokemon.

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