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Celebrity Recap - May 2005

Paris Hilton gets engaged and Lindsay Lohan gets in a fender-bender. Check out the latest celebrity gossip right here.

May 2005 Celebrity Birthdays

  • May 2nd - David Beckham turned 30.
  • May 4th - Former *NSYNCer Lance Bass hit 26.
  • May 5th - Danielle Fishel, Topanga from Boy Meets World, turned 24.
  • May 8th - Enrique Iglesias celebrated his 30th birthday.
  • May 9th - Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan hit 26.
  • May 10th - Kenan Thompson from the old school show, Kenan and Kel, turned 27.
  • May 12th - American Pie star, Jason Biggs, celebrated his 27th birthday.
  • May 16th - Angel, AKA David Boreanaz, hit 32.
  • May 21st - Ashlie Brillaut, who played Kate Sanders on The Lizzie McGuire Show, turned 18.
  • May 26th - Rock star Lenny Kravitz celebrated his 41st birthday!
  • May 27th - Big Boi's Outkast partner, Andre 3000, hit the big 3-0.
  • May 28th - Think Kylie Minogue was doing the locomotion on her birthday? She turned 37.


May 2005 Celebrity Love Report

  • Renee Zellweger got married on May 9, 2005 to country singer Kenny Chesney. The pair had been dating since January and held their wedding on the beach of the Virgin Islands.
  • Paris Hilton became engaged on May 25 to her boyfriend, Paris Latis. Besides sharing the same name, the Pair of Paris' also have parents with a ton of bling bling. Hilton is the heiress to the billion-dollar Hilton Hotel empire, while Latis is the heir to a wealthy Greek shipping company.
  • Reality TV stars, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich tied the knot on national television on May 24, 2005. The couple's wedding took place in the Bahamas and aired on CBS.


May 2005 Celebrity Ouch!

  • Justin Timberlake underwent surgery to remove throat nodules. Justin noticed a problem when he hit the recording studio to record his new single, Signs, with Snoop Dogg. Reports say the surgery went well, but that Justin will be out of singing commission for about three months.
  • Lindsay Lohan, star of the race car movie, Herbie: Fully Loaded, picked up a few scrapes and bruises after a real-life race through the streets of Beverly Hills on May 31st. Lindsay was driving her Mercedez Benz, when a celebrity photographer crashed into the side of her, while trying to chase her down for a picture.


May 2005 Celebrity Other News

  • Carrie Underwood has been crowned the new American Idol. She beat out American Idol hopfeul Bo Bice and will be recording her first album after the Idol summer tour wraps up.
  • Rumors had been flying for months about corruption with American Idol, before ABC finally aired their American Idol Expose at the beginning of the month. The show looked into comments made by former contestant Corey Clark that he had an affair with Idol judge Paula Abdul. Paula denies the claims and appeared on Saturday Night Live where she spoofed the affair rumors.
  • Justin Timberlake is joining the cast of Shrek 3 as a new character named Artie, who will be the nephew of King Harold. Shrek 3 will be hitting theaters in 2007.

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