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Eddie Johnson Interview

By: Simon

Eddie Johnson is one of the brightest stars in Major League Soccer. The 21 year-old striker for FC Dallas led the league in 2004 with 12 goals, and has helped the USA qualify for the 2006 World Cup of Soccer. He talked to Simon about playing for the national team and what it takes to become a professional soccer star.

Simon: Who is your favorite soccer player?
Eddie Johnson: I never really had a favorite soccer player growing up, but about five or six years ago I started really following Ronaldo. He is a player that plays the same position I play and has the ability to score goals with an amazing talent. I look up to him big time.

Simon: How do you think the USA will do in their upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches?
Eddie Johnson: I believe we have a good chance to finish in the top two of our region during qualifying. We have performed very well and have gotten a few good results both at home and on the road. Obviously, Mexico has already beaten us in Mexico City so we will need to watch out for them when we host them in Columbus on September 3rd, 2005.

Simon: What do you and FC Dallas need to do this season to make it to MLS Cup?
Eddie Johnson: We need to continue to play the way we are capable of playing. We have the talent and the right chemistry. It's just about going out on the field and doing it each and every match. We also need to get healthy because we are pretty banged up right now

Simon: What advice would you give to young players who want to become professional soccer players?
Eddie Johnson: Never stop believing in your dreams and give 100% in every match and practice you have. You never know what can happen or what coach may see you that can help you get to the next level. With that being said, I would also tell them to make sure they stay in school and get an education because nobody can ever take that away from you.

Simon: What sports other than soccer do you play?
Eddie Johnson: The first sport I played was baseball. Then I played football all the way through my sophomore year in high school. I also played basketball and have always been involved in sports. Right now, I am trying my best to just play soccer and get healthy.

Simon: Do you have any pre-game rituals or anything specific you do to prep for a game?
Eddie Johnson: My pre-game ritual is to try not to focus on the match and stay loose until we get on the bus on the road or I get in my car and head to the stadium when we are at home. I don


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Lolly20 posted in Cheerleading:
yes it is  :)
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"FBGirl" wrote:I like cheerleading, but definitely NOT a sport! Sports are physical activity with competition and GEAR. The closest thing cheerleaders have to gear are pom-poms. And, yeah. Boys CAN cheerlead, but chances are they will be made fun of(not by me). Cheerleaders do A LOT of physical cheers and stunts, and we use ourselves instead of gear. A lot and most people underestimate cheerleaders for just some girls with poms and uniforms going "go team! yay!" because they have seen that in movies and tv. look up some cheer comp videos and still only some people with change their view of cheerleaders as girls on the sidelines doing uncreative cheers and stupid words to match. I hope this helped you understand a little bit more about cheerleading and cheerleaders. Peace Out!
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"lamiraclelemiracle" wrote:no cheering is not a sport it's something to turn people and the players up I was a cheerleader for 2 years (before I aged out) and we do not only wave pom poms int the air and yell "go team!!". All cheerleaders and coaches put A LOT of effort and time into making and practicing cheers. It is true that cheerleaders turn people and the players on...but it's much more than that. it's about having fun, teamwork, having some more fun, getting some exercise (uh that kinda makes it a sport right?), and great times with the other girls on your squad.   Rant over lol
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of coarse girls can be stronger than boys but some are not :wave
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