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The Fantastic Four are holding off a mob of pirates who want to get their hands on a PS3! Well, no, not really, but the Fantastic Four video game has dropped and is in stores right now. Plus, Pirates players can get free loot, we have news on the PS3 price and a breakdown of the Yu-Gi-Oh! U.S. Finals Video Game Tournament. Check it all out here, starting with more news on what games are dropping.

What Hot New Video Games Just Dropped?

  • June 26 - Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition for PSP.
  • June 27 - Meteos for Nintendo DS.
  • June 27 - Fantastic Four for Gamecube, GBA, PC and Xbox.
  • June 28 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam for PS2.
  • July 01 - Mega Man Anniversay Collection for GBA.

What Cool Video Games are Dropping Next Week?

  • July 08 - Spyro Shadow Legacy for Nintendo DS.
  • July 08 - Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt for Xbox.

Playstation 3 Price Update

More news is rolling in on the Playstation 3 price tag! Apparently it's going to cost $399 US to buy one, that's $100 more than the PS2 cost when it dropped! Dang... What do you think?

That's way to friggin much!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nickname: CEK8393
Age: 12

Yar-Har! There be Pirate Booty up for Grabs!

If you're diggin' the cool Pirates of the Spanish Main or Pirates of the Crimson Coast games then you'll love this. From June 29, 2005 'til September 15, 2005 you can score free ghost ships and cool pirate sculptures. Check out the forms below for the 411 on what you need to do:

Here's how much loot you can score:

  • Send in four packs = One ghost ship.
  • Send in 12 packs = Two ghost ships and a sculpt of a pirate.
  • Send in 24 packs = Three ghost ships and all five pirate sculpts.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Game Duelist Champions!

Last week we mentioned that the Yu-Gi-Oh! U.S. Finals Video Game Tournament was going down. Well, the best Yu-Gi-Oh! video game players in North America battled it out with the Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory World Championship Tournament 2005 video game and the top five winners are off to Japan! The winners are:

  • First Place: 15 year-old Patrick Dicks from Warren, Ohio.
  • Second Place:13 year-old Raymond Lantz III from Miami, Florida.
  • Third Place: 14 year-old Matthew Mancuso from Enfield, Conneticut.
  • Fourth Place: 20 year-old Jason Lee from Oakland, California.
  • Fifth Place: 32 year-old Brian Dunlap from Morrison, Colorado.

The final showdown at the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2005 Tournament is going to be from August 5-7, 2005 in Tokyo, Japan. We'll have the 411 as soon as the dust settles! In the meantime, check out these pictures from the tournament.

Yu-Gi-Oh! U.S. Finals Video Game Tournament Pics

Click the pictures for a bigger image.

1st Place Winner
Meet the best Yu-Gi-Oh! video game duelists in North America!
The Yu-Gi-Oh! U.S. Finals Video Game Tournament happens here!
Meet the best Yu-Gi-Oh! video game duelist in North America!
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