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DBZ! Yu-Gi-Oh! Winx Club! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Get the news and previews here!
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[kwlink]Dragon Ball Z[/kwlink], [kwlink]Winx Club[/kwlink], [kwlink]Yu-Gi-Oh![/kwlink] and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are in the news this week! We have the scoop on the new DBZ and Winx Club video games, plus a heads-up on when the next [kwlink]movie-based video game[/kwlink] is dropping. We'll also give you the scoop on why a Yu-Gi-Oh! card game player is being sent to Japan. But first, here are the new games due out soon.

What Hot New Video Games Just Dropped?

  • July 8 - Spyro Shadow Legacy for Nintendo DS.
  • July 8 - Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt for Xbox.

What Cool Video Games are Dropping Next Week?

  • July 11 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for GBA, PS2 and Xbox.
  • July 11 - Herbie: Fully Loaded for GBA.
  • July 11 - NCAA Football 06 for PS2 and Xbox.
  • July 11 - Sid Meier's Pirates for Xbox.
  • July 12 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for PC.
  • July 12 - FlatOut for PC, PS2 and Xbox.
  • July 12 - World of Harry Potter for PC.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game US Nationals Champion!

The battle for the title of 2005 Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG National Champion just went down in Columbus Ohio and left Max Suffridge from Louisville, Kentucky at the top of the heap! He won the final duel with the Trap-squishing Jinzo and Heavy Storm cards, beating Miguel Garcia at the end of a 480 player [kwlink]tournament[/kwlink]. Now he and three other top players are going to Tokyo, Japan to duel in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG World Championship from August 6-7, 2005.

Winx Club - Fairy Magic Video Games are Coming!

The five [kwlink]Winx Club[/kwlink] fairies have their own TV show, comic book and card game - now they're going to have video games on the GBA, PC and Playstation 2. The games will let you play as the [kwlink]Earth[/kwlink]-girl-turned-fairy Bloom in her adventures from the first season of the cartoon. You'll be able to use magic, get help from the rest of the Winx Club, collect items, solve puzzles and explore Magix when these games drop in Fall 2005!

Winx Club Video Game Images

Check out these PS2 and GBA images, click 'em for a bigger version.

Meet the magical Winx Club fairies in their video game!
The Winx Club fairies are coming to the Gameboy Advance!
The Winx Club fairies are coming to the Gameboy Advance!
Meet the magical Winx Club fairies in their video game!

Dragon Ball Z Video Game Battle Time

Unleash the massive power of the DBZ warriors in the upcoming DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi and [kwlink]Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors[/kwlink] sequel! The Budokai Tenkaichi game for the PS2 will be dropping in December 2005 with 60 warriors including Janemba and Chaiotzu. The Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors sequel is coming to the Nintendo DS in Japan at the end of 2005 and should drop in North America early in 2006.

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