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Simon's Blog - November 22, 2005

November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving has arrived! Time to stuff my face with food, anchor myself to the couch and be glad I'm not a turkey. Here's what else I'm thankful for as we head towards four days of Thanksgiving fun!

  • NFL Thursday - I've convinced my mom to cook Thanksgiving dinner later than usual, so I can watch both football games. Michael Vick and the Falcons are playing Detroit (Go Lions!) and the Broncos are taking on the Dallas Cowboys. I'd much rather be sitting on the couch watching Michael Vick run for touchdowns than sitting in class watching my math teacher run through equations.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - I'll definitely be hitting the theaters this weekend for some Harry Potter action. The flick is supposed to be darker, scarier and packed with blow your mind special effects.
  • My Dog - I've kind of neglected my dog, Ralph, for the last little while, so I'll be sure to give him lots of leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner table and a good long walk in the park.
  • Xbox 360 - The new Xbox has arrived - which means a big stack of sweet new video games are on their way as well. Hopefully, Santa was first in line and nabbed one to put under my Christmas tree.
  • Extra Homework - I just love it when teachers are kind enough to give out massive homework assignments over Thanksgiving weekend. That's so considerate. After all, there's nothing I'd rather do during a day off school than solve algebra equations... yeah, right. Gimme a break - those Pilgrims never did homework during Thanksgiving, so why should I?
  • What do you usually do on Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for? your Thanksgiving Day thoughts!


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    Dear Dish-It In The Forums

    vwala_12 posted in Family Issues:
    They mean what does there family think about them
    reply about 19 hours
    vwala_12 posted in Family Issues:
    I think you come out great even though I don’t have any you do you and people will love your personali
    reply about 19 hours
    Okay lots of fandoms out there going up to these forum posts above but, tell your family plenty of nice things out there with the fandom you're in. If they don't like it, its their lost. Their opinion is their lost woopdedoo. But if they're all disgusted and trying to force you to """""live like a normal being"""""(Realize everyone's different and I doubt this would happen), dont mind to them. You be you. Whatever makes you happy and joyful about something.
    reply about 19 hours
    catsarecute334 posted in Friends:
    tell your mom! Trust me I know. There was this one time I downloaded Roblox on my mom's computer. Once she found out, she got SUPER mad at me and banned me from downloading anything without her permission. A few months later, I asked if I could download Roblox again and she said yes. Totally tell your mom it is not worth it to keep a secret, especially from parents.
    reply about 23 hours
    Wolf74 posted in Friends:
    my mum and i always  fight about cloths she want me to wear long dresses like her.how do intell her i hare dresses
    reply 1 day