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Pop Low-Down

Pop Low-Down - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Whats going on with Britney and Pepsi? Whens *NSYNCs new album coming out? Whos that singing with Christina? Read on to get the low-down on what your fave pop stars are up to...

Read on to get the 411 on some of your pop faves.

1What's the teen queen Britney been up to lately besides steaming up the tube with her video for Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know? Well, she's been busy working on her new album in Sweden with the help of famous producer Max Martin. Her third CD is due out in October/November of 2001. She's also become the new Pepsi girl and is starring in a series of Pepsi commercials - even though rumor has it she drinks Coke. Pepsi also threw in a vending machine for the game room in her new pad. Hmm... I wonder if she'll stock it with Coke?

1Britney also teamed up with her mom for another book called A Mother's Gift. Look for it in April 2001. She's also been working on her first movie in which she plays an A student who goes on a road trip with two friends - a cheerleader and a burnout. Of course, Britney is expected to sing too. On top of all this, she's launching her own clothing line this summer.

1If you haven't already bought your ticket for the hottest summer tour (kicking off in May of 2001) you'd better hurry. In June 2001, the long awaited 3rd album from *NSYNC will finally be out. MTV reported that the album will be titled Celebrity and that the first single - an upbeat track - will be released in late April 2001. This time around Justin, JC and Chris wrote a lot more of the lyrics. With the tour starting before the album is released, concert goers will get a sneak-peak at the new songs.

1Lance and Joey are starring in a movie called On The L being filmed in Toronto, Canada and Chris is promoting his FuMan Skeeto clothing line all over the country. In April the guys will start rehearsing for their new tour and will also begin promoting their new album.

1Well after teaming up with Latin heart throb Ricky Martin for Nobody Wants To Be Lonely, Christina Aguilera's now doing some commercials with Coke. A month after Britney signed a deal with Pepsi, Christina paired up with Coke for a commercial to air this summer.

1Christina also joins Pink, Mya and Lil' Kim for the 70's song Lady Marmalade (Voulez-Vous Couchez avec Moi) for the movie Moulin Rouge. Keep an eye out for the the video.

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    • Yes. It'll out-sell NSA.
    • It'll do okay, but not beat NSA's record.
    • Of Course - Everything *NSYNC does rocks!
    • It'll suck. Justin can't sing without his hair.

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