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Billy Clikk :: Rogmasher Rampage Book Review

Billy Clikk :: Rogmasher Rampage Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Get the 411 on Mark Crilleys Billy Clikk: Rogmasher Rampage and the 50 foot monsters!

Title: Billy Clikk: Rogmasher Rampage
Author: Mark Crilley
Ages: 9+
Rating: 5

Billy's an 11 year-old agent-in-training with a secret monster-hunting organization, think MIB but without Will Smith. It's adventure and excitement time for Billy, or is it? He's about to have his first solo mission when suddenly he gets a bossy partner and then the whole mission starts to get weird. Here's the scoop on this new book from Mark Crilley, the author of the Akiko novels.

AFMEC Training 101

Billy's not your ordinary 11 year-old - no way. He's an extreme athlete and an agent-in-training at AFMEC (Allied Forces for the Management of Extraterrestrial Creatches), the secret agency that keeps all the nasty monsters of the world from making the evening news. When he's not busy pretending to be an ordinary kid so his friends at school don't freak out, he's hunting monsters through jungles or studying monster history.

Fun and Foul

Mark Crilley's Akiko stories are fun adventures full of weird critters, strange names, kooky plots, and heroic kids. And, so is Billy Clikk's Rogmasher Rampage adventure. From figuring out what's up with the tiny Chinese village, to dealing with a bossy girl partner, and saving the day (or at least blowing things up in a really cool way), Billy is on quite the ride. The only goofy thing is that Billy is more like a superhero than a real kid. How many 11 year-olds do you know that can haul around a 400-pound dinosaur?

The Bottom Line

Way cool. Mark Crilley has created a goofy-but-believable world full of monsters, secret agents, high-tech toys and heroes who don't suck. Billy's adventures are an easy read that'll keep you stuck to the pages. It even has cool pictures, definitely check it out.

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