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It's time for more of the latest game news! From another look at EA's upcoming FIFA Street 2 [kwlink]soccer game[/kwlink], to preview pics for the high-speed action of Sega's Sonic Riders and more. Including news about a free Final Fantasy video game for the [kwlink]Xbox 360[/kwlink] game console! Check out all the news, including the new games that are dropping this week, right here.

Dance Dance Revolution vs. Your Chubby Butt!

Konami's putting their [kwlink]award-winning[/kwlink][kwlink]Dance Dance Revolution[/kwlink] video game into 765 West Virginia schools over the next two years. Why? To get all the pudgy peeps [kwlink]dance-dance-dancing[/kwlink] their way into slimmer jeans! Seriously, the DDR games are a great way to bust out your dance moves to cool beats and get some fun exercise. If you're in West Virginia, and let us know what you think!

Celebs Hang With Nintendo at the Sundance Film Fest

Paris Hilton was just one of the celebs who took a [kwlink]video game[/kwlink] break with Nintendo while they were watching the [kwlink]hottest films[/kwlink] at the Sundance Film Festival. Other video-gamin' celebs include [kwlink]Lance Bass[/kwlink], [kwlink]Lucy Liu[/kwlink], and [kwlink]The Beastie Boys[/kwlink]!

Paris Hilton looks stylin' with her red Nintendo DS.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Atomic Betty Saves Cingular Cell Phones

The super-duper action-hero [kwlink]Atomic Betty[/kwlink] is saving the day for Cingular cell phone users! She has a new Atomic Betty Mobile Game that just launched in January. You can find it in the Cartoon Network category right now so go for it and have fun!

LEGO Star Wars Saves Lara Croft

Eidos is the company that made Kidzworld's [kwlink]#1 Video Game of the Year[/kwlink], LEGO Star Wars video game that you can play on Gamecube, GBA, Playstation 2 and Xbox. They're also behind all the [kwlink]Lara Croft[/kwlink] video games, including the new Tomb Raider Legend. Thing is, they were having a rough year until, suddenly, [kwlink]LEGO Star Wars[/kwlink] kicked a clone-army worth of butt and made them some serious cashola. The Force is strong with this game!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2K Games Gets Hit by Huge Fire!

The award-winning game developer has made some smokin' hot games, like [kwlink]NBA 2K6[/kwlink] and the upcoming Torino 2006. But, their New York office building at 575 Broadway just got hit by a fire that took nearly 200 [kwlink]firefighters[/kwlink] to put out. Word from the head-geek is that one side of the office got toasted good but half of it is still fine.

Professional Gamer, Fatal1ty, Interviewed on 60 Minutes

The world-famous pro-gamer, Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, chatted with 60 Minutes this weekend about being a cyber-athlete. The dude made $4,000 US at his first gaming tournament and now, after six years as a pro gamer, he's 24 and has racked up more than $300,000 US! He's no pudgy gamer though, he [kwlink]works out[/kwlink] to stay fit and make sure that he's in top form. In high-school he was even a star [kwlink]tennis player[/kwlink]! He says that being a pro gamer is all about hand-eye coordination, lightning reflexes, and having a quick mind.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Free Final Fantasy Video Game for Xbox 360!

That's right, if you have an Xbox 360 you can get a free [kwlink]Final Fantasy[/kwlink] video game! Square Enix, the folks who make Final Fantasy, have released a free Final Fantasy XI [kwlink]game demo[/kwlink] on a disc in the February Xbox Magazine. It's in stores now so go give it a try!

Sonic Riders Preview Pics!

We have preview pics for the upcoming [kwlink]Sonic[/kwlink] Riders airboard [kwlink]racing game[/kwlink] from Sega! Check 'em out here and click for a bigger pic.

These images from the upcoming Sonic Riders racing game show you some of the action! These images from the upcoming Sonic Riders racing game show you some of the action!
These images from the upcoming Sonic Riders racing game show you some of the action! These images from the upcoming Sonic Riders racing game show you some of the action!
These images from the upcoming Sonic Riders racing game show you some of the action! These images from the upcoming Sonic Riders racing game show you some of the action!

FIFA Street 2 Arena Preview Pics!

Check out pics of these two arenas from FIFA Street 2! Click 'em for a bigger image.

This FIFA Street preview pic from EA shows you the upcoming soccer game. This FIFA Street preview pic from EA shows you the upcoming soccer game.

What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • January 24 - Torino 2006 for PC and Xbox.
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