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Celebrity Recap - February 2006

Sheryl and Lance go their separate ways and Nick wants Jessica's jewelry back. Get all the hot Hollywood gossip from February 2006 right here!

February 2006 Celebrity Birthdays

  • February 1st - Big Boi from Outkast turned 31.
  • February 2nd - Latin chart-topper, Shakira, celebrated her 29th birthday.
  • February 5th - Jeremy Sumpter, AKA Peter Pan, hit 17.
  • February 7th - That '70s Show star, Ashton Kutcher, turned 28.
  • February 8th - Dr. Evil's love child Scott Evil, AKA Seth Green, celebrated his 32nd b-day.
  • February 9th - 7th Heaven hottie, David Gallagher, hit the big 2-1!
  • February 11th - Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland turned 25 while fellow R&B songstress Brandy hit 27.
  • February 12th - Christina Ricci turned 26.
  • February 17th - Paris the Heiress celebrated her 25th birthday.
  • February 18th - Caribbean dancehall diva, Rihanna, hit 18.
  • February 19th - Hil D's big sis, Haylie Duff, celebrated her 21st b-day.
  • February 20th - Backstreet Boy, Brian Litrell, turned 31.
  • February 21st - Brit-pop singer Charlotte Church hit 20 while Jennifer Love Hewitt celebrated her 27th birthday.
  • February 22nd - Movie-maker, Drew Barrymore, turned 31.
  • February 23rd - Child star, Dakota Fanning, hit the big 1-2.
  • February 27th - Crooner, Josh Groban, celebrated his 25th b-day.
  • February 2006 Celebrity Love Report

  • Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating singer Ryan Adams but they've been keeping things under wraps as much as possible. After Lindsay's very public break-up with Wilmer Valderrama, we can't say we blame her.
  • February 2006 Celebrity Break-Ups

  • Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong have called it quits. The pair got engaged in September 2005 but it looks like there won't be any wedding bells for the seven-time Tour de France winner and the sultry singer.
  • Nick Lachey is asking Jessica Simpson to give back all of the jewelry he bought her throughout their relationship and wants her to pay him alimony. Guess his singing career isn't bringing in the kind of cash he thought it would.
  • February 2006 Celebrity Injuries

  • Just weeks after her break-up with Tour de France cyclist, Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer. The pop star has already undergone surgery and doctors believe she will make a successful recovery. Lance is also a cancer survivor - having battled testicular cancer a few years ago.
  • February 2006 Other Celebrity News

  • Paris Hilton was attacked, along with designer Julien Macdonald, at London Fashion Week this month because of the designer's use of fur in his show. Paris was Macdonald's celebrity guest and modeled some of his clothing. The pair were hit with a flour bomb which Paris was unfazed by - guess you won't see the Heiress teaming up with PETA anytime soon.
  • [kwlink]Britney Spears[/kwlink] is to appear on Will and Grace on April 13th, 2006 as a Christian talk show host.
  • [kwlink]Jake Gyllenhaal[/kwlink] has taken on a new role but this one isn't for a new, Hollywood movie - it's as Godfather to [kwlink]Heath Ledger[/kwlink] and [kwlink]Michelle Williams[/kwlink]' daughter, Matilda. Heath, Michelle and Jake all filmed the Oscar-nominated movie Brokeback Mountain together this past year.
  • It seems like Paris Hilton may have another Hollywood feud brewing - this time with O.C. star [kwlink]Mischa Barton[/kwlink]. Since Mischa started dating Cisco Adler, Kimberly Stewart's ex, things with Mischa and Paris have been less than peachy. Could this escalate into [kwlink]Paris/Nicole[/kwlink] proportions? Hollywood gossip fans can only hope.
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    AlphaT posted in Movies:
    Hello and welcome to the first installment of my new series "Alpha Reviews". Whenever I see a new movie, I'll write a review of it here. Don't worry, the first part of the review will be spoiler free, and I'll make sure to give a warning when I talk more about the specifics of the movie.  Today I'll be looking at Roland Emmerich's sequel to (arguably) his greatest work, Independence Day. His original alien disaster film came out in 1996, and while it wasn't a major hit with the critics, it trounced the box office by raking in more money than any other film of that year. Over the past two decades, love for the movie has only grown, and it's now seen as the ultimate popcorn movie.  So how did the sequel hold up? Well...it's not easy to tell. On the one hand, there are some things that this movie did really well. On the other, this movie had moments that I absolutely hated. This is such a hard movie to crituique. Not because there's nothing to critique, but because there's so much right and wrong in the movie that making a final call on it is hard to do.  For one, the story is serviceable. I can buy pretty much everything that they're saying. While there are a few obvious plot holes, impeccable writing isn't what you expect from ID.  The characters vary from the fun and interesting to the idiotic and annoying. Jeff Goldblum does a great job here, and so does Bill Pullman and William Fitchener. As for the new characters? Not so much. The (arguably) two main characters are played by discount Chris Hemsworth (Liam Hemsworth), and discount Micheal B. Jordan (Jessie Usher). Neither give a stunning performance. And my goodness, there is one character in this movie who is so stereotypical and unrealistic, that it literally made me facepalm when I saw it. You'll know who I'm talking about if you've seen the movie. But, the movie is set up so that everyone gets a healthy slice of screen time, so it's okay.  The action is phenomenal, but kind of unoriginal. The first real action scene we have is the destruction of London. Know what it looks exactly like? The destruction of Paris in 2012. Know who directed 2012? Roland Emmerich. Now, I'm one of the few who enjoyed that movie, so I'm fine with it. And most of the other scenes do have a more original feel to them. But, this guy doesn't stop at copying his own movies. There's an action scene where they're on the moon, it looks exactly like Prometheus. I guess I can forgive some of this, but come on, really?  The nostalgia was WAY off the charts. I count this as a category for review because it's what old movie sequels do now. Some do it at the right amount, some don't do it enough, and some...like this film...do it all the time. Almost everything is recycled from the past movie, and there so many callbacks that it's hard to remember them all. But I will give it credit, some of them had me laughing. But, some of them made we want to scream "You're not even trying!" in the theater.  All in all? I'd say that you need to see this movie if you had any enjoyment out of the first one. But, just know that this has a lot more nonsense to put up with, even though it does give much of the entertainment value of the first one in return. I can't guarantee that you won't be disappointed, but if you go into it expecting a mix of good and bad, you'll be glad to see the good parts of a true classic film on the big screen once again.  That's it here. What were your thoughts on the movie? Who do you think gave the best performance? What did you want to see more of? Post what you think about Independence Day: Resurgence below. 
    reply about 8 hours
    "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: I have forests but no trees I have houses but no brick I have rivers but no water I have plains but no grass What am I? a hairy guy XD Nope xD a dry but crack XD Nope xD if its not my mom then i give up xD It's a MAP. A MAP. OMFG I GOT IT RIGHT LOL YAY*facepalm*And no, not hulk:)
    reply about 12 hours
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    reply about 12 hours
    "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: I have forests but no trees I have houses but no brick I have rivers but no water I have plains but no grass What am I? a hairy guy XD Nope xD a dry but crack XD Nope xD if its not my mom then i give up xD It's a MAP. A MAP. OMFG I GOT IT RIGHT LOL YAY
    reply about 12 hours
    "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "fazemonster123" wrote: "Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: I have forests but no trees I have houses but no brick I have rivers but no water I have plains but no grass What am I? a hairy guy XD Nope xD a dry but crack XD Nope xDif its not my mom then i give up xDIt's a MAP. A MAP. 
    reply about 12 hours