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2006 NFL Season Preview

Will Reggie Bush be the saviour of the Saints? Can T.O. take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl? Check out Kidzworld's 2006 NFL Season Preview.

2006 NFL Season Preview - NFC

The Seattle Seahawks still think visually-challenged refs cost them a victory in last season's Super Bowl - so they'll be looking to prove they deserve to be there again in 2006. The Seahawks have mostly the same team from last year, including MVP Shaun Alexander, and they've upgraded their defense, so this team should be at the top of the NFC. Expect the 'Hawks to be challenged by the Dallas Cowboys who added talented, but unpredictable wide receiver, Terrell Owens, and the Chicago Bears, who enter the season with the NFL's fastest and most-dominating defense. Here are the Kidzworld's 2006 NFC picks:
  • Division Winners: Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks.
  • Wildcard: New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals.
  • NFC Champs: Dallas Cowboys.
  • 2006 NFL Preview - AFC

    The new threat in the AFC is the Miami Dolphins, who finished last season strong and added former Pro-Bowl quarterback, Duante Culpepper. With one of the league's best defenses, the Dolphins have a great chance to play in Super Bowl XLI. Other teams to watch in the AFC include the always dangerous New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, who tend to have great success in the regular season but collapse like a cheap tent in the playoffs. Here are Kidzworld's 2006 AFC picks:
  • Division Winners: Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins.
  • Wildcard: Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots.
  • AFC Champs: Miami Dolphins.
  • 2006 NFL Preview - Super Bowl Prediction

    Kidzworld is picking the Dallas Cowboys to defeat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XLI 24-17.

    2006 NFL Preview - Players To Watch

  • Reggie Bush - Bush won't turn New Orleans into a playoff team, but the number one pick from the 2006 NFL Draft should at least make the Saints worth watching this year. With his blazing speed and creativity, expect to see the electrifying running back/receiver on plenty of NFL highlight packs.
  • Terrell Owens - T.O. may be the NFL's most talented wide receiver but he also has a reputation for causing plenty of friction in the locker room. Now that Owens is catching balls for the Dallas Cowboys, will he have them riding their way to a Super Bowl or falling off their horse in turmoil?
  • Carson Palmer - The Cincinnati Bengals star quarterback is starting the 2006 season after recovering from serious knee surgery. If Palmer's knee holds up, the Bengals could be Super Bowl contenders. If not, you won't be seeing very many of Chad Johnson's famous touchdown dances.
  • 2006 NFL Preview - NFL Rush
    To kick off the 2006 season, the NFL has launched NFLRush.com - a site for kids featuring contests, online football games, stats of your favorite players and more. You can also find info on youth football programs in your area. To check it out, head to www.nflrush.com.

    2006 NFL Preview - Make Your Picks
    Who do you think's gonna win Super Bowl XLI? Who's your favorite NFL team? to Kidzworld and we'll post them right here!

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