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2006-07 NBA Season Preview

A new NBA season has tipped off with a new ball and less whining from millionaire drama queens. Will the Heat repeat? Will the Suns rise? Check out Kidzworld's 2006-07 NBA Season Preview.

2006-07 NBA Season Preview - Teams To Watch

  • San Antonio Spurs - With Tim Duncan at center and the electrifying Tony Parker running the offense, the Spurs will be a threat to win their fourth title in eight years.
  • Phoenix Suns - Expect the Suns to rise to an NBA title in 2007. With two-time MVP, Steve Nash leading the team's run and gun offence and the return of Amare Stoudemire, the Suns will be the league's most entertaining team. If they stay healthy, they'll be the NBA champs in 2007.
  • Dallas Mavericks - The 2006 Western Conference Champions should have won the title last year, but they chose to pull a first-class choke job against the Miami Heat in the Finals. But with an extra year of playoff experience, Dirk Nowitzki and Co. will be a threat to revenge last year's defeat and win it all.
  • LA Lakers - The Lakers probably won't challenge for a title this year but any team that has Kobe Bryant has a chance to win. If Bryant learns to share the ball a bit more and the team can find some secondary scoring, the Lake Show could provide a few surprises.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers - This should be the year Lebron James and the Cavs become an NBA powerhouse and go deep into the playoffs. Lebron James gets better every year and the Cavs have enough other good players to challenge for the title.
  • Chicago Bulls - By stealing center Ben Wallace from the Detroit Pistons, the Bulls instantly improved their defence and rebounding. The team is still a little short on the offensive end but it's defence that ultimately wins championships.
  • Miami Heat - Can D-Wade and Shaq repeat as NBA champs? Shaq is a year slower and nowhere near the force he once was but Wade still gives the Heat a chance to win any game on any night. A repeat for the Heat isn't out of the question.

2006-07 NBA Season Preview - Players To Watch

  • MVP, Lebron James - Lebron James has become the NBA's biggest star since Michael Jordan. He's a complete player who can dunk, shoot the long range jumper and make the sweet no-look pass. He'll win the league's MVP and turn the Cavaliers into a top team in the Eastern Conference.
  • Rookie Of The Year, Brandon Roy - Will Roy win the R.O.Y.? The Portland Trailblazers pointguard will get lots of playing time and should put up some big numbers in his first season. He's a quick and creative player who will get his fair share of time on the Sports Center highlight reels.
  • Breakout Player, Chris Bosh - The power forward known as CB4 is already a dominant player but this will be the year he reaches superstar status. He dunks hard, blocks shots, is a tenacious rebounder and should be a starter at the 2007 NBA All Star Game.

2006-07 NBA Season Preview - Did You Know?

  • Better Balls? - NBA players will be shooting and dunking with a new ball in 06-07. So far, the new ball has been met with about as much enthusiasm as K-Fed's musical debut. The new ball from Spalding is supposed to be easier to grip and more consistent but many players say it doesn't handle well and bounces differently from the old one.
  • Zip It! - You can expect to see less whining at the refs by the NBA's millionaire drama queens in 06-07. NBA referees will be handing out quick technical fouls to players who curse, throw up their hands or make other gestures of disgust over a call they disagree with. Don't be suprised if notorious whiner, Rasheed Wallace, breaks his own record for technical fouls this season.
  • All Stars In Vegas - For the first time, the NBA All Star Game won't be played in an NBA city. The 2007 All Star Game will be played in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 18, 2007.
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NBA's Most Exciting Player? Vote!

  • Kobe Bryant.
  • Lebron James.
  • Dwyane Wade.
  • Allen Iverson.

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