Quickspot - Nintendo DS Game Review

Quickspot is a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. Check out the game review right here.
Courtesy of Namco Bandai
Quickspot - Nintendo DS Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Feb 28, 2007
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Quickspot is one of the latest games from Namco Bandai. Kidzworld has the puzzle game review right here.

Is your brain craving action, adventure and excitement? Bust out some crazy cranial skills with the Quickspot puzzle game for Nintendo DS. Namco Bandai Games released it and it’s a fun way to stimulate your brain and get your fingers flying as you have some fun. Gary grabbed a copy and took it for a test run so here’s his Quickspot game review!

Quickspot - Brain Training Basics

Quickspot is a puzzle game that’s all about checkin’ out two pictures and finding the differences between them with the stylus. Each level has a time-limit and gives you points based on how fast you spotted the difference, how perfect your circle is, whether you make mistakes and a few other things. Later levels include challenges like having to rub the screen clear or animate pictures! You can also play a Focus Mode where you try to find all the differences between two pictures, or you can check your fortune to see if today is your lucky day!

Quickspot - Fast Hands, Faster Brain!

The best part about Quickspot, other than being able to play an entire level in two minutes, is the multiplayer options. All you need is one copy to have all your friends play with you, and some multiplayer games only need one DS Lite! It’s a great way to have some fast video game fun when you and your friends are waiting for the pizza to arrive!

Quickspot - Tired Fingers, Numb Brain

After you’ve played for a while you’ll realize that a lot of the pictures in Quickspot get repeated. There are different things to spot on each picture, but you’ll still see the same image a lot. It’s pretty easy to boost your Brain Activity score through the roof too.

Quickspot - Happy Brain or Sad Brain?

Quickspot is a fast, fun game that’s great if you’re looking for a casual puzzle game to play with your friends or when you have a few minutes to chill. It’s a bit too easy for hardcore gamers, and the pictures repeat a lot, but it’s still good fun.

Quickspot Thumbs Up:

  • Super easy to play.
  • Lots of great multiplayer options!
  • Play multiplayer with just one DS.
  • Stimulates your brain, but it's still fun!
  • Quickspot Thumbs Down:

  • The pictures repeat a lot!
  • Way too easy to last very long.
  • Quickspot Game Rating: 4

    Quickspot is available for: Nintendo DS.

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