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Kidzworld's MLB Dream Team

If you could pick one player from each position to make the ultimate baseball team, who would you go to war with? After hours of careful consideration, we came up with our picks for the best player at each position!

Kidzworld's Dream Team

Right Field: Vladimir Guerrero - This All-Star, and one time National League MVP, is just a beast behind the plate. Vladimir, who stars for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, has a career batting average of .325.

Center Field: Carlos Beltran - Picking for this position was definitely the toughest. With Ichiro Suzuki and Andruw Jones also at center field, it was hard to pick a favorite. As the cornerstone of the New York Mets franchise though, we feel Carlos' superior defensive and offensive skills set him apart from this talented crop.

Left Field: Alfonso Soriano - Alfonso is one of the few players in history to join the 40/40 club (40 home runs and 40 stolen bases). This star for the Chicago Cubs is going to be one of the best players in baseball for years to come.

First Base: Albert Pujols - This St. Louis Cardinals star's resume is loaded. He owns a Rookie of the Year award, a National League MVP award and he has a World Series Ring. Add a .330 career batting average and a Gold Glove Award and you have one heck of a first baseman!

Second Base: Luis Castillo - Minnesota Twins fans are thankful they have a player as gifted as Luis. He's won three Gold Gloves, two World Series and is also a three time All-Star. In 2002, Luis had a 35-game hitting streak - the most by any second baseman ever!

Short Stop: Derek Jeter - Derek is a no brainer pick. He has amazing fielding ability, is clutch at the plate and is a winner. There are 29 other teams that can't wit for this New York Yankee to become a free agent!

Third Base: Alex Rodriguez - Sure Alex has struggled a bit since he started wearing the pin stripe uni's of the Yankees, but there may not be a more accomplished third baseman out there. He's still only 31 years old, so when he gets it together, watch out!

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez - Ivan has been holding it down at the catcher position since Saved by the Bell was on the air. This Detroit Tigers veteran is the proud owner of 12 Gold Gloves and 13 All-Star selections.

Pitcher: Pedro Martinez - Okay, we know he's aging and is injury prone, but there's no other pitcher as intimidating as Pedro. At full strength, there's not a batter in the world that wants to face this New York Mets' star!

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