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This Week in Sports, August 6-10, 2007

After sitting at 754 home runs for more than two weeks, Barry finally breaks the record! Find out what else happened this week!

Sports News - Barry Breaks Record!

On Tuesday night Barry Bonds made history as he passed Hank Aaron for the all-time home run record. Bonds belted out number 756 off Washington National's pitcher Mike Bacsik. After Bonds broke the 33-year old record, he received a five minute long standing ovation by the hometown crowd, before delivering a tear-filled speech. Later, Hank Aaron congratulated Bonds in a taped speech that was shown on the ballpark's jumbotron. Bonds is not only the all-time home run record holder, he also holds the record for most home runs in a season. His accomplishments might be tainted because of the controversial steroid allegations that have followed Bonds this past decade.

Sports News - Jermaine to L.A.?

Kobe Bryant might finally receive some help. This week Jermaine O'Neal made it known that he wouldn't mind being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers to play with Bryant. Frustrated with the lack of progress of his Indiana Pacers, O'Neal thinks playing with Kobe is his best chance to win a title. Another reason O'Neal wants to play with Kobe is that the two are friends and have known each other since high school.

Sports News - Beijing One Year Away

As of Wednesday, the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, China are officially one year away. About 10,000 people gathered in Beijing's central Tiananmen Square to kick off the countdown. The Beijing Olympic Games will be held from August 8-24, 2008.

Notes Around the Sports World

  • Even after bringing in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, the Boston Celtics are not done trying to improve their roster. This week the Celts have been trying to persuade retired NBA veteran Reggie Miller to join the team. Miller, who is 42, is known as one of the greatest shooters in NBA History.
  • The NFL banned Pacman Jones from playing this season but that doesn't mean he'll be unemployed. He recently joined TNA Wrestling and is expected to make his debut this weekend.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers of MLB were handed the biggest whoopin' this week. The Colorado Rockies pounded the Brewers 19-4 on Wednesday night.
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    Sports In The Forums

    Cheer-leading is a sport - most people think that it is not - but it is Yes it looks like they are just cheering on the football players - but their routines and being able to hold up girls over their head takes strength, and they work really hard to make everything look good.
    reply 2 days
    ererie posted in Basketball:
    I liked cheering for the underdog, so I've always cheered for the Cavs. I'd like to see how this year's line-up goes, though our past best point guard left for the Celtics.  :/
    reply 2 days
    ererie posted in Basketball:
    reply 2 days
    ererie posted in Basketball:
    reply 2 days
    Mayo lost against Dublin again. 1-16 to 1-17. I support Mayo, and I am horrified to be honest. I don't want to sound like a sore loser, but I think Dublin fouled Mayo way more times than they were punished for it. Mayo rarely got any frees and the last free of the game was a minute before it ended and Dublin were taking it from very far away. Of course, they got it. Up until then, it was 1-16 to 1-16. I guess Mayo won't be taking home the cup again for another year.
    reply 5 days