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Donkey Kong - get the cheats, hints, tips and secrets to win!
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It's time to learn a couple of the funky monkey's best tricks with the help of some game cheats and helpful hints. Everything from fancy photography to mystery menus and bonus levels. Let's start with the mystery menu:

To score the mystery menu options you have to unlock the menu by taking pictures of fairies. The first thing you need is the camera. To get the camera, use Tiny and go into the fairy shaped stone building in the center hub (you have to shrink to do it.)

Once you have the camera you have to take pictures of all the fairies to unlock the Donkey Kong (DK) mystery menu. Here's how many fairies you need to unlock each menu item:

Fairies Item
Two Fairies DK Theatre - it let's you watch all the animations you've already seen.
Six Fairies Rambi and Enguarde's bonus stages.
PLUS the original Donkey Kong game.
PLUS the Jetpac game option.
10 Fairies 'Boss Battle' mode where you can challenge any boss you've beaten.
15 Fairies Unlocks the Krusha in Multiplayer option.
20 Fairies Cheat Mode - Unlimited Items!!

To unlock Jetpac and the original DK game you have to have the fairy pictures as well as these extra items:

Original DK

Gorilla Grab the lever in the Frantic Factory then beat the DK arcade game twice to score the Nintendo coin and unlock the Original DK option in the mystery menu.


Get 15 banana medals, take them to Cranky and he'll let you play the Jetpac game. If you score at least 5,000 points you'll get the Rareware coin and unlock the Jetpac option in the mystery menu.

Important Info:

If you don't have the Nintendo coin and the Rareware coin you can't beat the game. The big ape better practice his gaming skills!

Pictures of fairies are great but bonus stages rock. To score EIGHT more stages you have to collect 40 blueprints for Snide. That'll unlock: Batty Barrel Bash, Beaver Bother, Big Bug Bash, Krazy Kong Klamor, Kremling Kosh, Peril Path Panic, Searchlight Seek and Teetering Turtle Trouble.

To get the blueprints you have to thump the Kasplats. Check their hair color to see what color blueprint they're carrying. White hair means no blueprint at all.

Speedy Monkey - If you're swimming along and want to get DK's fuzzy butt in gear hold down the B button. When you're above water this makes the big ape move at turbo speed.

These codes will power up your game and help DK and the ape crew take out the big boss K. Rool and his Kremling minions.

If you're stuck on a game, if you can't beat a boss or if you're stumped by a puzzle and he'll get his fuzzy butt in gear to find you a solution.

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