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MapleStory, Heroes, Star Wars, PS3s and Operation Smile

It's time for more sweet [kwlink]game news[/kwlink] here at Kidzworld! What do we have this week? A free [kwlink]MapleStory[/kwlink] code for the online game, info on a new [kwlink]superhero card game[/kwlink] from Upper Deck, a free video of [kwlink]Lara Croft[/kwlink] plus previews of [kwlink]Star Wars Miniatures[/kwlink] and [kwlink]D&D Minis![/kwlink] We also have news about how to help the Operation Smile charity, as well as how Sony made the new PS3 a rip-off on purpose. Check it out below and don't forget the list of all the new games that drop this week for every game system from [kwlink]Nintendo DS[/kwlink] to [kwlink]Xbox 360[/kwlink], [kwlink]Wii[/kwlink], [kwlink]PS3[/kwlink], [kwlink]PSP[/kwlink] and even for your PC.

Marvel Ultimate Battles Card Game Announced!

Upper Deck, the folks who make the [kwlink]Yu-Gi-Oh![/kwlink], [kwlink]World of Warcraft[/kwlink] and [kwlink]Vs. System[/kwlink] card games have a new one coming - Marvel Ultimate Battles! It lets you play cards as your favorite superheroes, like [kwlink]Iron Man[/kwlink], [kwlink]Spider-Man[/kwlink], [kwlink]The Hulk[/kwlink], Captain America and more. You'll be able to battle with your [kwlink]friends[/kwlink] with a fast, easy to learn game! It drops in April 2008 with Iron Man and The Hulk 48-card [kwlink]Starter Decks[/kwlink] or nine-card Booster Packs.

Operation Smile Charity

Hasbro's releasing the new Operation Rescue Kit board game on its 25th anniversary and they're also doing a special charity drive to help the Operation Smile kids medical charity! They have special events all over [kwlink]North America[/kwlink] where you can get your picture taken with [kwlink]celebrities[/kwlink]. But, you can also help right now. Just head over to www.operation.com and click on the Oxygen Pump Button to get Hasbro to donate $0.25 more to the charity.

Sony's Ripping You Off With the PS3

Remember how the new, cheaper [kwlink]PS3 doesn't play PS2 games?[/kwlink] Well, it could, it just needs Sony to add a program to it. And it's a program they already have so it would be super easy. But they won't. Why not? Because they want you to buy [kwlink]PS3 games[/kwlink] and they figure if they make it so you can't play [kwlink]PS2 games[/kwlink], you will. They're doing it on purpose. That sucks.

MapleStory iTCG Website & Free Online Game Code

The [kwlink]MapleStory iTCG[/kwlink] is coming on November 7, 2007 but the website's up already and it's loaded with previews! Not only that, it also has a bonus web code you can use to get a free power-up in the MapleStory online game. How? Easy - head to www.maplestorycardgame.com and watch a short video!

Lara Croft: Anniversary Wii Game Video

Lara Croft turns 10 and she's celebrating with a trip back in time! The first Tomb Raider game has been redesigned for the Wii to let you play the original game, plus an extra 4-6 hours of fun. Right-click the video you want to watch and choose to save it to your Desktop - once it downloads, double-click it to watch it.
  • Lara Croft: Anniversary Game Trailer (big) - .wmv file (80MB)
  • Lara Croft: Anniversary Game Trailer (small) - .wmv file (2.5MB)
  • WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 Game Video

    Check out this quick video clip of the upcoming WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 wrestling video game!
  • WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 Game Video - .wmv file (29MB)
  • Star Wars Miniatures: The Force Unleashed Preview

    On November 16, 2007 the new Star Wars Miniatures: The Force Unleashed set arrives! It brings a bunch of cool new aliens from the upcoming [kwlink]The Force Unleashed[/kwlink] video game, including 10 huge ones and 14 new creatures, and puts them into the [kwlink]Star Wars Miniatures[/kwlink] game. Check out these previews for a sneak peek at what's coming.
  • [kwlink]Star Wars Miniatures: The Force Unleashed Preview[/kwlink]
  • Check out these previews of the Star Wars Miniatures: The Force Unleashed expansion set, due November 16, 2007! Check out these previews of the Star Wars Miniatures: The Force Unleashed expansion set, due November 16, 2007!

    D&D Miniatures: Desert of Desolation Preview

    Rolling out on November 7, 2007, the new Desert of Desolation set for the [kwlink]D&D Miniatures[/kwlink] game brings 60 new critters to the game of fantasy battles. We have previews right here, including Bruenor Battlehamer - dwarven king and ally of the infamous dark elf, Drizzt Do'Urden!
  • [kwlink]D&D Miniatures: Desert of Desolation Preview[/kwlink]
  • The Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures: Desert of Desolation set adds 60 monster to the game of fantasy battles.

    What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • Oct. 23 - Barbie as The Island Princess for PC.
  • Oct. 23 - Cars Mater-National for PC.
  • Oct. 23 - Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for PSP.
  • Oct. 23 - Chessmaster: The Art of Learning for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Dancing With The Stars for PS2.
  • Oct. 23 - [kwlink]Ed, Edd 'n Eddy: Scam of the Century[/kwlink] for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour for Wii.
  • Oct. 23 - High School Musical: Sing It! for PS2.
  • Oct. 23 - [kwlink]Hot Wheels: Beat That![/kwlink] for PC.
  • Oct. 23 - Imagine: Animal DOct.or for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Imagine: Babyz for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Imagine: Fashion Designer for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Imagine: Master Chef for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary for Xbox 360.
  • Oct. 23 - Mega Man ZX Advent for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - MotoGP '07 for PS2.
  • Oct. 23 - Namco Museum Remix for Wii.
  • Oct. 23 - [kwlink]Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution[/kwlink] for Wii.
  • Oct. 23 - [kwlink]Naruto: Path of the Ninja[/kwlink] for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots for DS, PS2 and Wii.
  • Oct. 23 - Ratatouille for PS3.
  • Oct. 23 - Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for PS3.
  • Oct. 23 - Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure for Wii.
  • Oct. 23 - SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePants for DS and PS2.
  • Oct. 23 - Super Collapse 3 for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - The Aly & AJ Adventure for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of Spies for DS.
  • Oct. 23 - Zack & WIki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure for Wii.
  • Oct. 23 - Zoo Hospital for DS.
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