The Top Ten Celebrity Scandals of 2007 (pg. 2)

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

#5 Lindsay Lohan - Third Time's A Charm, We Hope

Whatever Lilo does makes headlines - and she does a lot of crazy things! This year Lindsay crashed her Mercedes into a Beverly Hills sidewalk after a high-speed chase and was arrested. She was eventually charged with two DUIs, driving with a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance, and bringing contraband into a custody facility. After two short stints in different LA rehab centers, the Mean Girls star spent 84 minutes of a 24 hour sentence in a California jail in November. Then Lindsay went back to rehab in Utah. Though her movies haven't made nearly as much noise this year as her hard partying, fighting/crazy parents, or long list of hookups, somehow Lindsay keeps landing acting gigs and is also planning to release a third album. Lucky for her, because the rumors say she's running out of money. Lindsay spent a reported $137,000 on rehab alone in 2007! This time we hope it pays off!

#4 Michael Vick - Bad Newz Kennels Lives Up To Its Name

Michael Vick, formerly one of football's most exciting and talented players, should have been looking forward to the start of his seventh NFL season. Instead, Vick and three others were indicted on federal felony charges for their involvement in an illegal dog-fighting ring based out of Vick's 15 acre property in Virginia. In December, Vick plead guilty and was sentenced to 23 months in prison. He has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL without pay and lost most of his $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons, not to mention $19.97 million of a $37 million signing bonus and millions more in canceled endorsements. Sorry Mike, but crime really doesn't pay in this case.

#3 Anna Nicole Smith - Who's Your Daddy?

Of all the media circuses this year, only one had three rings, two clowns, an elephant, and a baby. Tragically just months after the the birth of her daughter Dannielynn and the death of her 20 year-old son, Anna Nicole Smith died in a Florida hotel room from what was called an accidental overdose of sleeping pills, Valium, Ativan, and Methadone. If that wasn't enough drama, newborn Dannielynn had two men, Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead, claiming to be her father and fighting for custody. DNA proved Larry was her father, but battles over Anna Nicole's money and a long list of lawsuits have kept this story in the headlines all year. A new bookabout Anna Nicole's life is set to be released soon, and its shocking claims are sure to keep this story hot well into 2008.

#2 Paris Hilton - Jail Is Not Hot!

Charged with reckless driving and DUI in 2006, Paris twice violated her parole terms by driving with a suspended license and was sentenced to 45-day jail stint. A media frenzy followed Paris's every move as she reported to jail for three days before being released and put under house arrest due to 'medical conditions'. Only a day later, a judge ordered a distraught Paris back to jail, where she spent another 18 days and was released, her sentence being shortened for good behavior. Following her release, Paris appeared on Larry King Live in a much anticipated interview where she claimed to have found religion, and promised to tone down her party girl image. Through various public appearances Paris has continued to stay in the public eye in 2007 and will surely continue to in 2008. After all, the infamous Paris was the first celeb to make going to jail fashionable in 2007.

#1 Britney Spears - Bald Ambition Tour

2007 will forever be known as the year Britney lost it! Newly divorced from Kevin Federline, Britney started partying like it was her job. Britney tried rehab for the first time in February, but she barely lasted a day. Then, in the most shocking moment of 2007, Brit shaved her head completely bald. Soon, the whole world watched in awe as she wore ridiculous wigs, partied all over the globe, ran over a paparazzo's foot, attacked an SUV with an umbrella, shoplifted, and popped in and out of rehab one day at a time. If that wasn't enough, Brit officially lost custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to KFed because of her crazy behavior, questionable parenting, and terrible driving. Attempting a comeback, Britney was hammered by critics for a brutal mini-tour and an even worse performance in September on the [KWLINK8944]MTV Video Music Awards[/KWLINK]. Since then, her new album, Blackout, has received mixed reviews. Even though Ms. Spears couldn't seem to get her act together in 2007, her single Gimme More still reached #3 on the billboard Hot 100, proving that, in spite of being a complete train-wreck, Brit still has some fans left.
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