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Famous Places Crossword Puzzle

Famous Places Crossword Puzzle

Think you know all about the world? We've created this Famous Places Crossword Puzzle to test your more

Canadian Provinces Crossword Puzzle

Canadian Provinces Crossword Puzzle

Most Canadian kids learn about the provinces and territories in school, but it can be tough remembering all of them and what makes each one unique! more

Quiz!: What Kind of DIY'er Are You?

Quiz!: What Kind of DIY'er Are You?

Oct 20, 2014 Do you like to make things? Are you the type to see a junk drawer and imagine a game or a pencil case or a form of transportation? Does your more

How to Avoid Homework Stress

How to Avoid Homework Stress

Does homework stress you out? Kidzworld has a few simple solutions to help you avoid or eliminate your homework more

Top 10 Viral Videos

Viral Videos

Jan 27, 2012 Viral videos… what can they do for you? They can turn you from a small town boy to a worldwide teen idol singing with Usher, they can make your cat more

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hugebear posted in General:
[types with this eyes closed] 3 million :devil
reply 5 minutes
hugebear posted in Say Anything:
[whispers BR: Im not sures and I think they is tricks cos hes the magician] Now Im wondering about Derren Brown and the things he done with the audience like making up the lottery winner number about 10 minutes but the results was announced and he was correct.  Now Im wondering if that was the trick or telekinsesis
reply 6 minutes
"-Karpov-" wrote: "hugebear" wrote: Ello and I dunno but theres a famous person in the UK called Uri Geller [I had to look up his name] hes known for bending spoons just by the mind and I has seen it on the tv but I dont know if its the trick. I'm afraid it is the trick. You should look up videos about Amazing Randy exposing Uri Geller, he even goes so far as to demonstrate exactly how the trick is done :]  I'm sure you know who Dynamo the magician is, I know most of his 'magic' are tricks but some of them are just way too weird to be tricks, like when he disappears in the middle of the street with just a pile of clothes left. Are these all computer editing? does that mean his audience are always just actors?
reply 12 minutes
blakbutterfly posted in General:
reply 22 minutes

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