Coach Carter DVD Review

Jun 21, 2005

When a high school hoops team scores big on the court but fails in the classroom, Coach Carter locks the doors.

The Parent Trap DVD Review

Jun 09, 2005

You'll be seeing double with this Lindsay Lohan flick. She stars as Hallie Parker and Annie James in this re-make of Disney's The Parent Trap!

Get a Clue DVD Review

May 31, 2005

Before she became a mean girl or switched bods with her mom, Lindsay Lohan starred as a student-turned-detective in the Disney flick, Get a Clue.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen DVD Review

May 25, 2005

Lindsay Lohan made waves in Freaky Friday and now you can take her home with the Confessions DVD.

Are We There Yet? DVD Review

May 24, 2005

Ice Cube stars in the new flick Are We There Yet?, a story about a ladies man who falls for a single mom. Read the review!

Pooh's Heffalump DVD Review

May 23, 2005

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet try to capture the dangerous Heffalump in Pooh's Heffalump Movie.

Son of the Mask DVD Review

May 17, 2005

There's magic, mayhem and a ton of crazy adventures. So is Son of the Mask a flick you should check out? Find out right here!

Racing Stripes DVD Review

May 10, 2005

An abandoned baby zebra grows up with a dream to become the fastest horse in Kentucky. The problem is, he doesn't realize he's a zebra!

The Sandlot 2 DVD Review

May 09, 2005

School's out for the summer and the Sandlot kids are ready to swing bats, steal bases, catch flyballs - and fight a crazy beast that lives next door!

A Series Of Unfortunate Events DVD Review

Apr 26, 2005

Jim Carrey stars as the evil and conniving Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Elektra DVD Review

Apr 05, 2005

Jennifer Garner is back on as a martial arts warrior turned assassin in Elektra. Check out the Kidzworld DVD review!

The Incredibles DVD Review

Mar 15, 2005

Disney and Pixar have teamed up to bring you The Incredibles - an animated superhero action movie spectacular! Get the scoop on this super-family, here.

Christmas With the Kranks Movie Review

Mar 08, 2005

Tim Allen threatens the spirit of Christmas when he decides to skip the festive holiday and jet off to tropical paradise.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie DVD Review

Mar 01, 2005

The goofy sponge who lives in a pineapple fights the forces of evil in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie - now on DVD! Check out Kidzworld's review!

Raise Your Voice DVD Review

Feb 15, 2005

Loved The Lizzie Maguire Movie and A Cinderella Story? Check out Hilary Duff in her new flick Raise Your Voice!

Shark Tale DVD Review

Feb 08, 2005

In a world where the big fish eat the little fish, a small, fast-talking fish finds himself caught in the middle of the shark mafia after telling a whale of a lie.

Top 10 Romantic Movies

Feb 07, 2005

Check out where Vanessa Hudgens, some indie rock kids and a tortured, love-sick vampire sit on Kidzworld's list of Top 10 Romantic Movies.

Mr. 3000 DVD Review

Feb 01, 2005

Bernie Mac stars as a big-headed baseball player in Mr. 3000. Find out if this movie hits a homerun or strikes out!

First Daughter DVD Review

Jan 25, 2005

Being the President's daughter could certainly have its benefits, but for Samantha Mackenzie it's just a big pain in the butt.

Friday Night Lights DVD Review

Jan 18, 2005

Football is the only thing that matters in Friday Night Lights. Does this flick score a touchdown or is it a third down fumble?

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