Top Ten Teen Movies of All-Time

Feb 07, 2006

From Lindsay and her Mean Girls to Molly Ringwald and her Sixteen Candles, Kidzworld lists the best teen movies of all-time!

Just Like Heaven DVD Review

Feb 07, 2006

Reese Witherspoon and 13 Going on 30's Mark Ruffalo star in the new romantic comedy, Just Like Heaven. Check out our review here!

Wallace and Gromit DVD Review

Feb 07, 2006

The loveable duo, Wallace and Gromit, battle a monstrous rabbit that craves all things vegetable!

Elizabethtown DVD Review

Feb 07, 2006

Orlando Bloom ditches the British accent to play American Drew Baylor in the new romantic drama, Elizabethtown. Get the goods on this flick here!

Supercross Movie Review

Jan 31, 2006

Two brothers battle each other for a spot at the Las Vegas Motocross Championships in the high-octane movie, Supercross.

Corpse Bride DVD Review

Jan 31, 2006

It's Tim Burton's second flick of 2005, but how will Corpse Bride compare to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Find out with our review!

Quiz! Test Your Teen Movie Trivia!

Jan 23, 2006

If your idea of a classic movie is Mean Girls, Legally Blonde or any Lindsay Lohan flick, then take this teen movie quiz!

Underclassman DVD Review

Jan 17, 2006

Nick Cannon goes undercover when a murder takes place at an elite high school. Find out about the DVD right here!

Top 10 Movies of 2005

Jan 02, 2006

There were a ton of great films that hit the big screen in 2005. Find out which ones made it onto Kidzworld's Top 10 list!

The Brothers Grimm DVD Review

Dec 20, 2005

Get the scoop on the new movie The Brothers Grimm, starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger with Kidzworld's movie review!

Rebound DVD Review

Dec 20, 2005

A hoops coach with an anger management problem coaches a team of middle school misfits in the basketball comedy, Rebound.

Serenity DVD Review

Dec 20, 2005

Joss Whedon's sci-fi movie, Serenity, is in theaters! How shiny is it? We review the action and adventure right here!

Top 10 Movies of 2006

Dec 18, 2005

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Valiant DVD Review

Dec 13, 2005

Valiant may be small in size, but he's got a big heart. So when the call of duty comes to help out on the front lines in WWII, Valiant steps up to the plate.

Roll Bounce DVD Review

Dec 13, 2005

Bow Wow, Nick Cannon and Khleo Thomas star in Roll Bounce, the new roller skating movie that's set in the '70s. Get the movie review right here!

Bad News Bears DVD Review

Dec 13, 2005

An alcoholic Little League manager tries to turn a team of misfits into championship contenders in the Bad News Bears.

Fantastic Four DVD Review

Dec 06, 2005

A group of scientists get super powers after being exposed to radiation in outer space in the super hero movie, Fantastic Four.

Dukes of Hazzard DVD Review

Dec 06, 2005

Jessica Simpson plays Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie remake of Dukes of Hazzard. Get our review right here!

Sky High Movie Review

Nov 29, 2005

Disney's new teen superhero movie, Sky High is taking off! We review the super powers, dating drama and fun factor of this new film, right here.

Just Friends Movie Review

Nov 28, 2005

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart star in Just Friends, a flick about getting stuck in the dreaded "friend zone". Get the review right here!

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