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May 19 or June 18
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OneDirection30 posted in Celebs:
Harry Styles
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raisa_da_rosie posted in Celebs:
Niall and robbert pettinson alsoooo
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Moonshine Sam
Moonshine Sam posted in TV Shows:
"PITCHPERFECT2" wrote: "Moonshine Sam" wrote: "PITCHPERFECT2" wrote: Soul Eater hmmm.. Title name is  interesting :D        In my opinion Soul Eater is awesome. It's I think the only anime that I have watched, that I like.  It has good characters, good plot lines, and a good synopisis. Is plot and synopisis the same thing? Oh well how's InuYasha?
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Who is your favorite character from Rio 2?

  • Blu
  • Jewel
  • Nigel
  • Luiz