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SyedaNida posted in Forum Games:
reply about 3 hours
Abbergrl posted in Forum Games:
I dunno, two of my friends thousand siblings, maybe..... (XD THAT WOULD BE BEYOND AWESOME) What's my favourite song?
reply about 4 hours
If one were to journey across the stars , far beyond anything imaginable to a human, then you would find the great race of Unicorns . They are not the cutesy, pink-maned ponies for little girls, no, they are the most powerful beings in this world. It is said they can hold a thousand stars in their bellies, that their eyes are darker than the anomalies which devour light, and that they can destroy a solar system with a blast from their jagged horns. They are truly to be feared. A magician from with ill intentions towards his own kind began to research a certain kind of forbidden magic that sprung from the most primordial part of the human brain... he had to sacrifice thousands of humans subjects to destructive testing before finally understanding and being able to harness the strength this magic held. He named it... memes. Using the power of memes, the magician constructed a bridge across space which he named the Bifrost, after the Rainbow Bridge of Norse mythology, and used it to travel to the realm of the Unicorns. He revealed the secret of memes to the Unicorn King, and made a deal with this insane ruler.  Now, with an army of Unicorns at his beck and call, the magician returns to destroy the planet he once called home, and it will take everything Earth has to stop him. (Replace 'memes' with anything else, and it almost sounds cool.) Wolves Insane Eternity Tree
reply about 10 hours
I can totally understand that! Who are Max and Harvey?
reply about 14 hours
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