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How to Organize your Desk

How to Organize your Desk

Tips from a professional organizer (and Martha Stewart, too) on how to organize your desk.... read more
How to Use a Curling Iron

How to Use a Curling Iron

Got curls? The Curling Iron is a hot tool that can make or break your hairstyle. Learn how to use it right with these quick, easy tips.... read more
Trend Alert: Polka Dots

Trend Alert: Polka Dot

Polka dots are on trend from fingernails to sneakers and everything in between. Check out how to make this easy fashion statement.... read more
Barbie 3004 Purple C1

Back To School Fashion That Won't Break the Bank

Chances are that your kids are more interested in neon notebooks than new eyeglasses for their first week of school. For parents who are often paying ... read more
Top 5 T-Shirts for Guys

Top 5 T-Shirts for Guys

Some of our favorite t-shirt designers for guys... read more
 WIN IT!!! Cinderella's New Christian Louboutin Slippers!!!

WIN IT!!! Cinderella's New Christian Louboutin Slippers!!!

Get the Look: Duchess Kate

Get the Look: Duchess Kate

Since her first appearance on the royal scene, Duchess Kate Middleton has been making waves in the fashion world.... read more
Best Fashions for Tall

Best Fashions for Tall & Short Guys

All men are not created equal -- in size or shape! How to get the best style if you're taller or shorter than average.... read more
Keep Your Summer Glow Fresh

Keep Your Summer Glow Fresh

Tips from Clinique makeup artist Gina Zelko from Bloomingdale's Flagship store in NYC on how to keep your summer glow fresh!... read more
BFF Wear

BFF Wear: Coordinate with your Best Friend

Great ways to coordinate outfits with your besties!... read more
Back to School Hairstyles

Back to School Hairstyles

This fall guys break out the hair gel and girls reach for the accessories in this seasons hottest back to school hairstyles.... read more
Fall 2012 Nail Trends

Fall 2012 Nail Trends

What does this fall hold in store when it comes to nails? French manicures, neon and lots of bling in new and exciting ways!... read more
Aug 27, 2012 | 43 comments
Stylish School Lunch Totes

Stylish School Lunch Totes

Tote your school lunch in style with these great choices for guys and girls.... read more
Top 5 Back to School Shoes for Girls

Top 5 Back to School Shoes for Girls

Ditch the flip flops and head back to school in style with our top 5 favorite girls' shoes.... read more
Top 5 Back to School Shoes for Boys

Top 5 Back to School Shoes for Boys

Get your kicks hot, fresh and colorful. Go back to school this fall in serious color and custom styles. Check out our top 5!... read more
Aug 14, 2012 | 15 comments

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i am in love with a boy ..and planning to marry him ..  [s:p/zwq] [s:p/oaq] [s:p/1koh] [s:p/1jn8] [s:p/1jks]
reply about 22 hours
... This happened to me.
reply 2 days
So yesterday, my dad checked my search history. Harmless, right? Well... you haven't seen it. Because they gave me a LONG lecture yesterday about what I read. I feel like they don't trust me on the internet anymore. But I also understand. Because you know what the history was? Phan  ѕмυт. LOTS of phan ѕмυт. How do I gain their trust? My mom won't let me use headphones and threatened to not let me go to VidCon. I'm not just angry and betrayed at my dad for snooping in my phone, but also embarrassed and ashamed. I'm only 10, for God's sake! They should be worried about my access to the internet. How do I gain their trust again?!
reply 3 days
Kirsteeeeen posted in Style:
This thread has been moved. Click here to see the new thread.
reply 5 days

What's more important, staying warm or staying in fashion?

  • Fashion will keep me warm!
  • I don't care what I look like as long as I'm warm.
  • It's about finding the balance.
  • What's cold? I get sun all year long!

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