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Mitts For Texting

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TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes

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posts from the Dear Dish-It forums

so i have a crush on a kid that goes to my school, and i want to know if he likes me without asking him or telling him i like him. in my opinion i am WAYYYYY to young to date, and i don't want to start any time soon, i just want to know if he has a crush on me.  please give me some advise or something on how to tell if your crush likes you. and i know that there are loads of youtube videos about this, but i guess i want it to be directly to me, idk.  please help  ~ JazzyRox
reply about 2 hours
-Oracle- posted in Friends:
"country_girl19" wrote:Dear Dish-it,                         Me and my friend just started talking again, and it seems like she regrets it. She'll leave me for the people she has only known for a couple of months, when I've been friends with her for a year. Also, she gets annoyed with me, and I don't know what to do. As much as we like to be besides our good friends, we also need our alone time and personal space. Don't think that she's regretting her friendship with you because I'm sure you guys share some precious memories together. Maybe she just wants her own space for a while and making new friends is her way of finding herself. Just give her some time.
reply about 3 hours
drowning posted in Friends:
@country_girl19, I agree with Athena. She might not realize how she's making you feel and it's best to talk to her about it, if not it could get worse. If nothing changes after talking with her, then I think you should rethink things. @WatermelonCurlz, I don't really think you should hang around them that much. They don't listen to you or seem to really care about the fact that you've talked about getting different friends. I'm not saying to just cut them off all together, but I wouldn't stray from the idea of slowly distancing yourself.
reply about 23 hours
JazzyRox posted in Friends:
"WatermelonCurlz" wrote:OMG! OK so, I have a group to 3 friends (not including me) and they love this video game that I'm not allowed to play. And they know that, so they talk about it purposely around me. Omg, ikr.When I ask to talk about something else the ignore me. So I say, I'm going to go find real friends, and they say, OK, like me care. And that's all they want to talk about, at recess, lunch, secretly in class, you name it thye do it. How do I get them to stop?   You should probably just stop talking to them and stuff. don't sit by them at lunch and don't hang out with them at recess. they sound like they are not good friends. if it gets worse, just tell your parents if they don't already know. idk how good i am at advise. hope this helped.  ~JazzyRox
reply about 23 hours

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  • Fashion will keep me warm!
  • I don't care what I look like as long as I'm warm.
  • It's about finding the balance.
  • What's cold? I get sun all year long!

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