Best and Worst NHL Jerseys (pg. 2)

Mar 06, 2007

Page 2.

Best and Worst NHL Jerseys

Mar 06, 2007

Hockey jerseys hit the red carpet as we pick the top five best and worst NHL jerseys. Come see who made our list!

Top 10 Worst Sports Haircuts

Feb 20, 2007

You would think millionaire athletes could afford to buy mirrors. Kidzworld counts down the top 10 worst haircuts in sports.

Sports Venues - Madison Square Garden

Feb 14, 2007

Michael Jordan called Madison Square Garden the "Mecca of basketball." We happen to agree! Check it out.

Top 10 Coolest Names In Sports

Feb 05, 2007

Role Call! Kidzworld is ranking some of the best names in sports - and you won't believe some of the names we picked!

Sports Venues - Saddledome

Jan 31, 2007

What makes a game more exciting to watch? How about the cool venues they take place at? Get the goods on the Pengrowth Saddledome.

Wacky Sports Moments of 2006

Jan 04, 2007

From headbutts to hotdogs, take a look back and check out some of the wackiest moments that occurred both on and off the field.

College Football Bowl Facts

Dec 28, 2006

From the Sugar Bowl to the Rose Bowl, Kidzworld checks out college football bowl game facts and records.

Snowboarding Down Everest

Dec 25, 2006

Is this guy stupid or extremely brave? Whatever he is, he was the first person to snowboard down the world's highest mountain!

Worst Athletes of 2005

Dec 22, 2006

From juiced up ball players to lame little league coaches, check out the worst from the world of sports in 2005.

What Athletes Say About Fans

Dec 06, 2006

The best part about being a sports fan is cheering on your favorite team when they win and booing and taunting them when they lose.

Sports Origins

Nov 30, 2006

Have you ever wondered where some sports come from? Did you know that basketball started with a peach basket and hockey used to be called hurley?

The Science of the Slam

Nov 08, 2006

Wondering how Vince Carter hangs in the air so long whenever he slams? Kidzworld checks out the science of the slam dunk.

Top Ten Movie Coaches

Nov 01, 2006

From the inspirational Coach Carter to the foul-mouthed Patches O'Houlihan, Kidzworld looks at the top coaches from the movies.

Sports' Scariest Athletes

Oct 26, 2006

Just in time for Halloween, Kidzworld looks at some of the most frightening athletes from the world of sports.

Sports Fantasy Couples

Oct 20, 2006

Finding love can be difficult for young pro athletes, so we've put together a list of sports starts who make the perfect match

Surfing Records

Oct 12, 2006

From the biggest surf boards to the wildest waves, Kidzworld checks out amazing surf feats and records.

World Series Fun Facts and Records

Oct 06, 2006

Who won the first World Series? Why was the 1989 World Series postponed? Check out Kidzworld's World Series facts and records.

When Sports Parents Attack!

Sep 27, 2006

From tackling players on the field to punching out refs, find out what happens when sports parents attack!

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