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Dear Dish-It: I'm So Stressed!

so confusing asks: "There are so many projects, book reports … plus all my rotary homework! And the sad part is I’m not even in high school yet! If I ... read more

Dear Dish-It: She Steals All My Friends!

Loner asks: "There is a girl in my class and she is very posh and stuck up! I make a new friend and she ran over a stole her away from me ... And it ... read more

Dear Dish-It: They Don't Like My Music

MJLOVER asks: At my school everyone is always talking about who their favorite singers are and I am scared to tell them mine because I am afraid that ... read more

Dear Dish-It: How Do I Make Friends?

sharratt asks: how do i make friends?... read more

Dear Dish-It: First Dance Advice

I'm so scared about my first dance. What should I do?... read more

Dear Dish-It: How Can I Stop Being So Shy?

What can I do to help myself not be so shy in school?... read more

Dear Dish-It: Bossy BFF

My best friend is bossy. Should I keep her or kick her to the curb?... read more

Dear Dish-It: New Schools & Middle Schools

Lots of kids ask Dish-It about going to a new school or middle school. Here’s some info to ease your jitters and help you transition to your new schoo... read more
Making New Friends

Dear Dish-It : Top 10 :: Making Friends

One of the top 10 questions to Dear Dish-It is: How do I make new friends?... read more

Dear Dish-It: We're Drifting Apart

My friend is turning into someone I don’t like. What should I do?... read more

Dear Dish-It: My Friend Gossips

My friend is always talking about guys she’s crushing on or other girls we know. I’ve told her she should try talking about other things but she doesn... read more

Dear Dish-It: My BFF's A Bully

My best friend is very bossy. She tried to intimidate me by picking on me. Should I still be her friend or kick her to the curb?... read more

Dear Dish-It: I Lost My Friends' Trust

I think my friends have a low opinion of me now. I don't know what to do. I don’t want my friends to be against me.... read more

Dear Dish-It: I Don't Trust My BFF

My best friend tells her other friend absolutely everything. And if she doesn’t tell her my secrets outright, she gives her enough hints to figure it ... read more

Dear Dish-It: Pool Party Problem

On Saturday my best friend invited me to her swimming pool party. She invited about 50-100 people (our soccer team, her basketball team, her gymnastic... read more

Dear Dish-It: My Friends Are Fighting

All my friends fight continuously and because of that we are not as close as before. My friends and I talked and decided our ex-friend was the cause o... read more

Dear Dish-It: I'm Crushing On My Teacher

I have a mega-crush on my history teacher. I'm 14 and he's 26. I know nothing can happen between us. I think he kinda likes me – as a student, of cour... read more

Dear Dish-It: I Don't Like The Girls In My Class

In my class most of the girls just talk about stuff that I simply can't stand, like Hannah Montana. My boyfriend and his best friend are the only peop... read more

Dear Dish-It: I'm A Better Writer Than My BFF

I’ve been writing since I was three so now I am in the highest level in English. I have finished two books I have been writing so far, with one still ... read more

Dear Dish-It: Help Me Find A Grad Gown!

I’m so happy – this year I’m graduating from middle school and it’s a very exciting occasion for me! The graduation isn't going to be formal at all; m... read more