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Volunteer - Fearless Eco Leader

This teen isn't picking up garbage, but she's still making our planet cleaner. And you don't wanna mess with this chick. Having a knife waved in her f...read more
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Aerosmith Biography

Did ya catch *NSYNC in the Super Bowl Halftime? Did ya notice the other guys with them? Those rockers are Aerosmith. They've been around forever and t...read more

Elvis Stojko Profile

When you think of guy figure skaters, you probably think of guys who take dance and ballet - not Karate. But Elvis Stojko is a master of both the trip...read more
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The Smugglers Book Review

Sail aboard the cursed Dragon for a seafaring tale of action and adventure. Are The Smugglers seaworthy or will they flounder in ...read more
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Dave Matthews Band - Everyday - CD Review

Tired of the bubble gum pop music you can't escape every time you flick on the radio or the tube? Then check out the latest CD from The Dave Matthews ...read more
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Breaking Boards

Ever wondered how a martial arts master breaks boards with their bare hands? Kidzworld has the secrets right here....read more

Wild Things: The Not-So-Friendly Caiman

These guys are small members of the crocodile family. But don't let their tiny appearance fool you - they're still savage. When hungry enough they've ...read more

Survivor - Episode 6

We all knew - cuz of previews - that someone was gonna go down this time, and not in some silly challenge. Was your bet on Mike and a Croc? Well the ...read more
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Why Pick on Pop?

I love *NSYNC. I like Britney Spears' tunes. I even sometimes find myself hummin' an O-Town tune. This makes people think less of me. Why? Because acc...read more

The Holiday Called Holi

Holi Festival

Mar 21, 2016 This holiday isn't just about spring cleaning. It's about adding some color to life! Kids can get away with pelting their teachers with colored water ...read more

What Is Bullying?

Who are bullies? Look around, they come in all shapes, colors and clothes. Basically, anybody who hurts someone for fun or sport is a bully....read more

Andy Warhol Biography

Whether it's famous faces or Campbell soup cans, his colorful ink images are easily recognized and treasured. But did ya know that Andy also did film...read more

The Junkyard Snowdeck

It's a snowboard without any bindings - or you could say it's a skateboard without any wheels. Either way, Burton's Junkyard Snowdeck means you've got...read more

Ricky Martin Biography

This sexy Latino is famous for shakin' his booty like no one can. But there's more to him than Livin' La Vida Loca. He's been livin' the scene ...read more
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DJ Mr. Tree Interview

Want some great info on mixing from Vancouver DJ, Mr. Tree? I've seen him in action and it's easy to see why this guy gets the crowd pumped. Read on t...read more

The Simpsons - Hungry Hungry Homer

Homer has a change of heart, helps his fellow man and ends up on the wrong end of the Duff Empire. Homer vs. Duff, will Homer's hunger strike prevail ...read more
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The Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo's not gonna be left out of the new console race. They've got their best and brightest brainiacs working away to come up with something to daz...read more

The Iditarod

It's an 1,150 mile race over some of the craziest terrain in the world. It's the Iditarod - the "last great race on earth."...read more

I-Zone Digital Combo Camera Review

If you thought the I-Zone Instant Cameras were cool before - you should see them now! You still get those sticky pics you know and love, but you can a...read more

Banjo-Tooie: N64 Game Review

Thanks to her sisters, the wicked Gruntila is back from the dead and on the loose. Can Banjo and Kazooi stop the evil? Find out if the action and adve...read more
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