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September 2005 Horoscopes

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Dear Dish-It, He's Going to Ditch Me for His Skateboard

My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost three months. Everything was fine 'til he started skateboarding again...... read more

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March 2005 Horoscopes

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February 2005 Horoscopes

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January 2005 Horoscopes

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December 2004 Horoscopes

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November 2004 Horoscopes

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October 2004 Horoscopes

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September 2004 Horoscopes

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August 2004 Horoscopes

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July 2004 Horoscopes

Summer has arrived and that means fun in the sun... or does it? Check out your horoscope for July 2004 to see what this month has... read more

Dear Dish-It, I'm Better Friends With Boys

I don't know why but I tend to have more fun and/or be closer to my friends that are guys than the ones who are girls.... read more

June 2004 Horoscopes

Are you gearing up for the best summer ever or the vacation from hell? Get the goods on what the stars have planned for you this June.... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Friend Really Annoys Me

I have a problem - I have this friend named Alice and I wanna be her friend but she annoys me sooo much!... read more

May 2004 Horoscopes

Aries have their eyes on the prize and Capricorn is getting dissed. Find out what the stars have in store for you this month.... read more