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DJ Hero: Wii :: Game Review, Videos & Discussion

With so many rhythm-based games around how do you sort the awesome ones from the ho-hum ones? Well, you can visit Kidzworld and check Games Reviews, more

Band Hero :: Wii Game Review

Love music games but want something a little less, well ROCK than Rock Band and Guitar Hero? Welcome to Band Hero (cause Pop Hero sounds funny) more
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iCarly :: Wii and DS Game Review

It was only a matter of time before everyone’s fave web show became an interactive video game. Made for Nintendo DS, DSi and Wii, we got to take more

Madagascar Kartz: Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 & PS3 :: Game Review

The Madagascar Kartz game we got to review (for Nintendo Wii) came with a bonus custom wheel, which was pretty cool! But what about the game? Check more
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How to Train Your Dragon: Developer Q&A

How to Train your Dragon: The Game

How to Train Your Dragon isn’t just a book or movie – it’s also a cool video game! And we got to chat exclusively with one of the game’s producers, more
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Wipeout: The Game Screenshots

Wipeout: The Game

Check out these new screenshots from Activision’s upcoming title for Wii, Wipeout: The Game, which promises to be the world’s largest obstacle course! more

Commander Keen :: GBC Game Review

Everybody knows Billy Blaze, he's a perfectly ordinary eight year-old kid. What they don't know is that he's also Commander Keen, super-genius, space more
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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX :: Playstation Game Review

Mat Hoffman's the king of freestyle and one crazy dude. He's ruled the Freestyle Bike scene since age 16 and now he's a cyber-star. Can the Matster more
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 :: GBA Game Cheats

Even when he's itty-bitty the Hawk still rocks. His GBA game has all the thrills and spills of the bigger versions, it's just as hard too. Pick up a more
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 :: GBA Cheats (pt 2)

Tony Hawk's skating games rank as some of the best games ever. If you're having a tough time unlocking all the bonus levels and characters we've got more
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Street Hoops Basketball :: PS2 Game Review

The guys behind Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer have made Street Hoops for PS2 and Xbox. Check Gary's more
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Dreamworks' Shark Tale Video Game Review

The fin-tastic adventures of Oscar and the Shark Tale movie are in a video game! Does it sink or swim? Read the review! more
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Ultimate Video Game GiveawayTop PS2 Games

Find out what the coolest games on the PS2 are - and then try your hand at winning them! Find out how right here! more
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Ultimate Video Game Giveaway Top DS Games

Nintendo has a new console and Kidzworld wants to fill you in on which DS games you should be playing! Check it more
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Star Wars Episode 3 Plug and Play TV Games

Experience the world of Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith on one controller with a new Plug and Play TV more
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X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Game Cheats

Power up your super-powered mutants with these cheats for the new X-Men video game for PS2, Gamecube, PC more
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X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Game Review

Control the X-Men and the evil Brotherhood on GC, PC, PS2 and Xbox to battle Apocalypse. Is this more
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X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Free Game Demo

Get your mutant genes on with the free X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse video game demo for PC! Here's more
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Game News: 2005, 11, 13-19

We have the scoop on Nintendo Revolution parental control passwords plus what's up with Dragon Ball Z on the DS! more
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Seaworld: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures Game Review

Poseidon and the Kraken are teaming up to destroy Seaworld! It's Shamu to the rescue, but is it fun? We review it more
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