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What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality?

After blowing up during Apple's iPhone event, the world of augmented reality has been in everyone's minds. Read on at Kidzworld to find out what AR is... read more
Sep 15, 2017 | post a comment
thatgamecompany's New Game Coming Exclusively to Apple

thatgamecompany's New Game Coming Exclusively to Apple

thatgamecompany's next game will only release on Apple devices. Will the follow-up to Journey stand on its own? Read on at Kidzworld!... read more
Sep 13, 2017 | 2 comments
The Bottom Contestants

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, Week 11: The Top 14 Perform/2 Eliminated

This week on So You Think You Can Dance (Season 10, Week 11), Twilight's Anna Kendrick joins the panel of judges. Read Kidzworld’s recap of the “The T... read more
Jul 31, 2013 | 4 comments
Crazy Celeb Baby Names

Crazy Celeb Baby Names

Celebrities have been known to get very creative when it comes to naming their kids. Here’s a list of the craziest baby names to come out of Hollywood... read more
Jul 18, 2013 | 247 comments
Kidzworld Kitchen: Let's Make A Pie!

Kidzworld Kitchen: Let’s Make A Pie!

Everyone loves to eat pie but lots of people never try to make one cause they think it’s too hard, but here is a simple recipe that will turn you into... read more
Jun 05, 2013 | 36 comments
DIY Beauty Treatments

DIY Beauty Treatments

It's time to change up your beauty routine and go au naturale with DIY beauty treatments! From an avocado hair mask to a scrumptious smelling brown s... read more
Apr 25, 2013 | 19 comments
Top 5 Spring Perfumes 2013

Top 5 Spring Perfumes

Spring is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to try out some of this spring's fresh new fragrances. ... read more
Apr 02, 2013 | 22 comments
Eating on the go doesn't have to mean eating junk food - check out the Top 10 Healthy Snacks!

Top 10 Healthy Snacks

Sometimes life can be too hectic to sit down for proper meals, and you just need to grab something on the go quickly, but instead of reaching for a ba... read more
Feb 11, 2016 | 101 comments
Ryan Seacrest with the Season 12 Judges

American Idol: Season 12, Week 1 :: Audition #1 and #2

This week on American Idol (Season 12, Week 1), a new season kicks off in New York and Chicago, where a feisty new panel of judges steal the show. Rea... read more
Jan 17, 2013 | 56 comments
Omisoka: Japanese New Year!

Omisoka: Japanese New Year!

We’ve all heard of New Year’s Eve, but not everyone has heard of Omisoka. It's a very important holiday in Japan, and is celebrated at the same time a... read more
Dec 28, 2013 | 17 comments