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Why We Yawn

Have you even noticed that when one friend yawns, it's not long before everyone is yawing? That doesn't mean that all of you are bored or tired. It co...read more

Zooman Sam Book Review

Sam Krupnik wants to be a zookeeper. Wearing his zookeeper costume to Future Job Day, Sam starts teaching his class about animals. But is teaching his...read more
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Cats and Dogs Movie Review

Things aren't as they look to the human eye. Cats are preparing to take over the world so undercover dogs are sent in. The wrong dog is picked and now...read more
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How Guide Dogs Work

Have you ever wondered how a guide dog knows when to cross the road? Can guide dogs tell the difference between traffic light colors? Nope. Find out h...read more

Working Dog Trilogy

Not all dogs spend their days maxin' and relaxin' in the back yard. Check out a few dogs that go the distance to really be man's best friend...read more

Wild Things :: All About Dogs

Dogs are man's best friend. But do you know where they came from? And do you know which one is the smartest and the dumbest? Read on for all the facts...read more

Baha Men - Move It Like This Song Review

Do you like fun, party music you can move to? Then check out the latest tune from the Baha Men. The guys are back with their latest tune, Move It L...read more
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El Chupacabra

It can change colors at will, has a hairy, reptilian body with spines all along its back and an obsession with blood. It’s time to lock up your ...read more

Good Boy Movie Review

Good Boy is a new movie that shows you what would happen if dogs could talk. Find out if Good Boy is a good flick right here!...read more
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Man Versus Beast Sports Challenges

Can a human jump further than a dog? Can a man climb faster than a chimp? Kidzworld checks out Man vs. Beast challenges....read more

Simon's Blog - November 23, 2004

I've got a new best friend. My parents got me a dog last week and it hasn't taken him long to make his mark....read more
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Simon's Blog - August 2, 2005

I feel like I've been living inside an oven for the past two weeks. It's been so stinking hot this summer....read more
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Simon's Blog - August 16, 2005

I've just come back from my first outdoor adventure of the summer. My brother and I went hiking with my dog Ralph....read more
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Eight Below DVD Review

Paul Walker and Jason Biggs brave the icy terrain of Antarctica in Disney's latest, heart-warming flick, Eight Below....read more

Simon's Blog - April 11, 2006

I never thought I'd actually be glad to returning to school. This had to be one of the worst Spring Breaks of my life....read more
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Simon's Blog - March 20, 2007

Spring is right around the corner. And wherever you find spring, you're bound to find spring break! So what's everybody doing?...read more
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Top Five Cartoon Bunnies

Cartoon Bunnies

It's time for decorated eggs and chocolate everything, especially Bunnies. Kidzworld rounds up the Top Five Cartoon Bunnies just in time for Easter....read more

The Scoop on Sandwich Meat

The Scoop on Sandwich Meat

Now that you're back in school and packing lunches every day... well, what are you packing for lunch? Kidzworld takes a close look into your school lu...read more

Emma Roberts Interview

Emma Roberts is the smart, rising star who played Wilma in the fun-filled holiday movie, The Flight Before Christmas. See what Emma says as Kidzworld ...read more
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