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David Beckham Bio

David Beckham Biography

David Beckham's best known for scoring big goals for England, and scoring big with Posh Spice....read more

All About Mother's Day

Mother's Day

May 02, 2016 Centuries ago, Mother's Day honored the Mother of the Gods but now the day is meant for our moms.Get all the details and history of Mother's Day on Ki...read more

Victoria Day

Victoria Day

May 10, 2016 Victoria Day is a Canadian national holiday where schools close and people get the day off work! It's all to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday....read more

The Musketeer Movie Review

Grab your sword, stick a feather in your hat and get ready to ride your horse off to medieval France. Justin Chambers is D'Artagnan, or at least he tr...read more
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Super Bowl Weekend & the NHL All-Star game

Super Bowl Sunday, the NHL All-Star game and the US played in the Gold Cup final. It was the perfect weekend to arm yourself with the remote control a...read more
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Temper Does Graffiti

Put a can of spray paint in Temper's hand and watch him create a masterpiece. He's not a vandal and he doesn't graffiti buildings. In fact, Temper eve...read more

Dead Bodies - Fact or Fiction?

Most people are buried in a cemetery when they die but not these guys. They went to extremes. Find out what these men did with their bodies after deat...read more

History - The Queen Mum

History - The Queen Mum

The world lost a treasured member of the Royal Family this weekend. The Queen Mum passed away at the age of 101. Find out where she was born, how she ...read more

Biggest Sports Events of 2002

From the game-winning field goal of the Super Bowl to the disappointing performance by America's basketball Dream Team... Here are Kidzworld's picks f...read more
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Shanghai Knights Movie Review

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson take their fast fists and quick wits to England in the sequel to the hilarious Shanghai Noon. Is Shanghai Knight...read more
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Madonna Biography

Madonna Biography

Madonna is back with a new single and brand new album, Hard Candy. Kidzworld takes a look at the Material Girl's incredible career....read more

Quiz the Coach - Who's Gonna Win?

Who do you think is gonna win the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Patriots or the stinking Carolina Panthers?...read more
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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Movie Review

Cody Banks is back, he's smoother and smarter than ever and he's brought along two new friends. Check it out!...read more
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Sugababes Three CD Review

The average North American kid may not have heard of the Sugababes, but these girls have been rockin' the UK for years....read more
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Discover London

7.5 million people call London home, including the Queen and Madonna! Get the 411 on what was once the center of the English-speaking world!...read more

UEFA EURO 2004: Free PC Game Demo

Play with the best European soccer teams in EA's UEFA EURO 2004 game! Here's how to download the free demo!...read more
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Wallace and Gromit DVD Review

The loveable duo, Wallace and Gromit, battle a monstrous rabbit that craves all things vegetable!...read more

Wallace & Gromit Fun Facts

What's the story with the cheese-lovin' inventor and his pooch? Find out all about these plasticine buddies and their new DVD, right here!...read more
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The Door in the Wall Book Review

Robin wants to be a knight, but loses the use of his legs. Is his story of unlikely heroism any good? Find out here!...read more
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Bring Me the Head of Oliver Plunkett Book Review

A missing head, gangs, the mob, and a guy who loves to blow stuff up. Eddie's up to his ears in mayhem and we review it!...read more
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