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Bush Fire

Bush fires have caused major damage around the world, but nowhere more than southern California. Every year the headlines read about thousands of hous...read more
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Take a Hike

Take a Hike

Winter, spring, summer or fall - hiking is a fun fitness activity you can do any time of year. Check out this list of tips for hiking and other outdoo...read more

Avalanches and Snow Slides

Avalanches and Snow Slides

Check out what the most dangerous kind of avalanche is, why you can't outrun them and what to do if you're caught in a snow slide....read more
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Quiz the Coach - Skateboard Stuff

"Do you know where I should start if I want to get sponsored? I can already kickflip, heelflip and ollie seven stairs." Get the 411 from the Coach on ...read more

Mongoose Varmint All-Terrain Board

The Mongoose Varmint is perfect for beginner mountainboarders. It's strong enough to stand up to tough terrain and big wipeouts, but light enou...read more
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Barbie's Skateboard Helmet

A skateboard helmet designed by Barbie? That's right peeps. Find out what Sindy thinks of the latest head gear for babes on boards....read more
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Mike Ogas Talks Skateboarding

Looking to get more air on your ollie? Wanna know if Avril Lavigne's a poser? Check out Simon's chat with skateboarder, Mike Ogas....read more
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Rock Climbing Gear

Think you've got what it takes to be a mountain goat? Simon has the 411 on what you need to get started in rock climbing....read more
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Snowmobiling 101

Start your engine and get ready for a massive dose of powder. Get the scoop on the sport of snowmobiling....read more

The Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Bike

Get ready for electrifying fun with the new Pocket Rocket. Kidzworld has the 411 on Razor's wild electric motorcycle....read more

Bourne and Kraatz

They've competed around the world and had their pic on the front of Cheerios' boxes. But, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz haven't reached the top o...read more
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Sindy's Blog - July 15, 2004

You guys are never going to believe what I did! Any guesses? I got my bellybutton pierced! Crazy, huh?...read more
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Cool Bike Accessories

From spoke riders to bike horns, Kidzworld checks out the coolest ways to accessorize your bicycle....read more

UNICEF & The Orange Box


It's that time of year when you put on your scariest costume, get out the orange UNICEF box and trick-or-treat for candy and donations!...read more

Becoming a Pro Wrestler

Have you ever thought of becoming a professional wrestler? Find out what it takes to become a professional piledriver. Check out Kidzworld's look at w...read more


You can now practice your snowboarding skills after the snow's melted. Riding a freebord is like snowboarding on pavement....read more
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The Trikke - Three-Wheeled Fun

Looking for a new ride? Disover the fun of three-wheeled transportation with the Trikke cambering vehicle....read more
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Bike Repairs and Maintenance

Make sure your ride stays in great shape this summer. Check out these tips for bicycle repair and maintenance....read more

Paintball Gear

What's more fun than firing paint at your friends? Find out more about the gear you need for paintball fun....read more
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